Moving on to everything I loved in the month of July! It’s rather “bag heavy,” ha. I did share a few things I’m loving this pregnancy over on the baby page a few weeks ago. Share your favorites below! xo

Okay, as for music… don’t laugh at me. I can’t help it if my music tastes range from being 17 years old to 68 years old. First up, we can’t stop listening to Bruno Mars Versace on the Floor. It’s not like it’s an appropriate song for Max but he must have heard it in the car and is OBSESSED with it. I’m dying to go to the Bruno Mars concert here on the 22nd but feel like unless I want to put my pregnant body in a crop top or bodycon dress, I will stick out like a sore thumb. Ha! Okay next, I wrote earlier this month that my mom and I went to the James Taylor concert and Bonnie Raitt opened for him. I didn’t know anything by her, but when her song “Nick of Time” came on, my mom was like OMG I USED TO LOVE THIS SONG OMG. I love that she loved that song back in the day because I think it’s so relevant to so many people I know at the moment. I’ve been listening to that too, like a baby boomer.

My crazy candle love this month still goes to the Copper Coconut from Bath and Body Works. Ugh! I hate that I love this candle so much but the scent is unreeeal. I wish I could find a coconut way or soy wax candle that had the exact same scent.

DeLallo GOLDEN(!!) Balsamic Glaze. Years ago I used to make my own balsamic glaze, but then DeLallo came out with an easy squeeze bottle and I’ve never looked back. We use it all the time, especially in the summer on tomatoes. I just about died last month when I was in the store and came upon the golden balsamic glaze. AH! I love golden balsamic vinegar more than traditional, so this has been in constant rotation over here. It’s amazing.

I’m steadily making it through my summer reading list and in July, I read And We’re Off and just loved it. Such a good story!

Costa Del Mar South Point 59 sunglasses. I completely copied off of my cousin who bought these in May. They were on my counter and I tried them on and fell in love. I prefer plastic frames over wire (I just think they are more comfortable), but this is sort of a mixture of both. Not only do I like the look of them, but they are polarized and so great for swimming, driving and full days out in the sun. My eyes are weirdly sensitive (why is this? They have always been this way!) and a lot of times I wear sunglasses even if it’s cloudy. Cannot even explain my love for these ones.

New Barn Barista Almond Milk. I’ve been a Califia farms almond milk fan for years (I adore the coconut almond milk!) but grabbed this on a whim at Whole Foods. WHOA. It is the only almond milk I actually LIKE in coffee. I mean, I can stand other almond milks, but I don’t enjoy them. To me, adding almond milk to your coffee is like adding water. It adds next to nothing. This is so much creamier than regular almond milk though. Super impressed.

Dolce Vita Studded Sandals in Gray. I love love love Dolce Vita shoes (I’m afraid to count how many times they have been in my favorites!) and got these on the first day of the nordstrom sale. They are one of the only things I could really wear “now” even though they are meant for fall, and I adore them. The color is perfect and I’m not a gray person. The studs are so cute and they are pretty comfortable too. Freaking love ’em!

KitchenAid Pro Line blender. In full discloser, KitchenAid did send me this blender a few months ago when my kitchen was being remodeled. Holy cow… I cannot say enough good things. You guys know it took me forever to buy a Vitamix, and then earlier this year, that broke. Eddie grabbed a Ninja (which we have had before) since he has a smoothie every morning because we needed something that day, and the blades dulled down within weeks. This KitchenAid blender is INSANE. 100% the absolute best blender I have ever used in my life (and I have no obligation to write about it!). It blends everything. The only thing is that it is HEAVY – heavier than my Vitamix, but it’s not like I’m ever carrying around the base. We are so crazy over this that I recommend it to everyone who asks.

Fawn Design diaper bag. So a few months ago I told you guys that I was thinking of getting the Honest diaper backpack and a ton of you commented and emailed to say I just HAD to get the Fawn one, that it was incredible. I’m at this stage where I hate to use anything but a backpack with Max – I like both hands free. And while I’ve never been one to really carry a diaper bag (since we have to drive everywhere, I just leave it in the car!), my go-to was the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack which I adore and wrote about in my favorites multiple times. The only problem was that it was a black hole inside, and it was sort of difficult to fit a diaper, some wipes, a snack and Max’s water without everything becoming a jumbled mess each time. So I got the Fawn Design one and oh my gosh, I LOVE IT. I’ve been using it since before we went on vacation in June and it has been perfect. The pockets on the outsides AND the insides are amazing. While I was on vacation, I saw that they restocked the mini bags, which was what I initially loved. I had bought the regular size backpack and while I love it, it’s bigger than I need right now. I knew the mini would be perfect, so I ordered one of those once they were back in stock and love that too! It’s the ideal size for one toddler. Once the new baby comes, I’ll be using the regular sized for a while – and with any long travel or days out, I use the bigger one too. Might do a big full post on it on my baby page.

While that’s been my go-bag for life, in late spring I bought a Las Bayadas bag and have been using it as our pool bag all season. It’s HUGE and amazing, not to mention neon! It fits so much – like five beach towels (I bring multiple extras for Max!), clothes, shoes, his puddle jumper – EVERYTHING. I also bought my cousin one of the blankets in the neon stripe for her birthday back in June too. I’m obsessed. Give me all the neon!

And on one more bag note (OMG, I know), I couldn’t resist and bought this hot fuschia crossbody Ted Baker bag at the nordstrom sale too. I really only use this when I don’t have Max with me and as I’ve said for years, I’m a crossbody-only girl when it comes to my purses that aren’t diaper bags. They just make everything so easy! It’s been a long time since I bought a crossbody bag that isn’t a Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch. I love this shade so, so much and the bag fits the perfect amount.

This is certainly a random one, but last month I fell in love with stroopwafel caramel bites from Trader Joes. I have not been into sweets at all this pregnancy, and while these are still a little on the sweet side, they aren’t overly sweet. The best part of them? The TEXTURE! Oh my gosh. Like crunchy and creamy at the same time. I bought them on a whim and Max and I loved them. They are the perfect treat that you can have two of (like, actually only two!) and enjoy. How did I never try these before? Note: I just googled and saw that my friend Bridget actually did a taste test post on these!

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself unless it was a gift from a family member or friend. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. love love.]