1. How unbelievably stunning is this Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch Cake?

2. I don’t think I told you about how a few weeks ago, I went through the Starbucks drive-thru with ROLLERS IN MY HAIR (before we shot some videos and after I dropped Max off) after stressing over it and being like, who cares, just get coffee, no one will REALLY say anything to you… and the person at the window totally said something to me. She’s like “did you forget to take those out of your hair?” Face palm.

3. Annnnnnd yes I still put hot rollers in my hair because I live in the 90s forever. I guess the 80s. Even though I was, like, five.

4. I feel like it’s soooo talked down upon but um, I am actually obsessed with the idea of doing Elf on the Shelf for Max. In fact, I think that I once (or thrice) mentioned wanted to do it before I had kids so badly that I just wanted to do it for us. I’m not so much concerned with the message of it other than it just seems… super fun. Why does it get such a bad rap?

5. So right now I’m really only watching This Is Us (still killing me, and omg, what is Kevin doing?) and Grey’s Anatomy. I also sort of watch Scandal (the very end got me last week!) and How to Get Away with Murder, even though I’m majorly sucked into Grey’s again. What is this? 2006? I’m also excited but terrified for the Walking Dead to start!

6. It’s no secret that I’m the wordiest person ever and it’s really terrible when it comes to email. I just can’t cut things short. This is interesting though… 4 ways to make your painfully long email shorter. Were they speaking directly to me?

7. Speaking of long emails, I find this email exchange between Pink and Eminem to be hilarious because it’s all so true. Like basically mine and Eddie’s emails, exactly.

8. Did you see that AOL instant messenger is shutting down for good? I didn’t even realize it was still going, but some of my most humiliating memories include my away messages AND what was in my profile. OMG. Just no.

9. Every year at this time I talk about how I really hate dressing up for Halloween. I’m going to have to suck it up eventually so I can dress up for Max (and this new babe!), but I’m also curious as to what you’re dressing up as if you are dressing up! My forever go-to as a kid was Jem. And then a black cat. Reeeeeal creative. I know.