tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m a huge fan of all things peppermint but my faaaavorite drink during the holiday season is an iced eggnog latte. I even like them hot! Needless to say, I’ve been living on them for the last week.

2. Yes I’m all about neon and glitter and unicorn everything but I just cannot get into this whole glitter latte thing! Drinking glitter? Eeeeek.

3. This gingerbread cake is so freaking pretty. Wowza.

4. How do we feel about stirrup pants returning? I’m kind of into it if it’s a workout situation but that’s about it.

5. Are you in full blown Christmas movie mode yet? I’m about to get started annnnd here’s a list of my favorites.

6. TV things! This Is Us is absolutely killing me in this overly emotional state that I’m in. AHHH. I thought the Grey’s episode was ridiculous (wasn’t into that at ALL) but I am sort of into the Scandal situation even though I get confused. At this point I’m basically 100% lost on How to Get Away with Murder. Oh and can’t even watch The Walking Dead right now. It will probably be months before I can again.

7. Pretty sure my “i” on my iPhone has been updated and fixed, but whyyyy did that situation take so long? Like how on earth can they have these phones that do all the things and then have one weird bug with probably the most used letter? What the what.

8. Speaking of phone things, I’m really not feeling all the new insta story filters. They are way too dark/bright/weirdly colored, right?

9. I’m having a majorly difficult time with the time change, probably because I gave birth on that day and then I was awake that entire night! It’s still a complete shock to me that it’s getting dark outside at 4PM.

10. P.S. we’re hosting an amazing holiday giveaway over on Sweet Peas Meals this week! I want to eat it alllll.