I cannot believe that this little love muffin is exactly one month old today!

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

What a total whirlwind the last four weeks have been. In the most amazing way possible.

She is still such a tiny peanut but surprisingly she put on a whole two pounds in less than a month! She might outgrow Max at this rate. Ha.

Everything about this little babe is a dream. I know that some people stress over the newborn phase but I am so thankful I am not one of them. I LOVE these little squishy newborn moments where she cuddles up on my chest in a tiny ball.

I can hardly take how she still scrunches her little hands up by her face while she sleeps and how she after she eats, she just squirms around like she just can’t.even.deal. She is the best!

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

The way that Max talks to her makes me want to have 67 more children. He is just the SWEETEST with her. He calls her “his cutie” – he shows her his toys every day, he gets SO worried when she cries. He doesn’t like to go anywhere without her (like even upstairs or downstairs without her!) and it’s like he just can’t even wait until she can play with him.

Aside from being a complete basket case over the last two weeks because we’ve all been sick (pretty sure after I wrote my last update, I called my mom crying like a psycho because Max had a fever and I was like HOW DO I KEEP THE BABY FROM GETTING SICK OMG) and just being so, so worried about her catching something from one of us, life as a family of four is pretty amazing.

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

Emilia already seems to sleep better at night than Max did. I mean, okay, let me just say it: she 100% does. I don’t know if that’s just a product of being the second born and the fact that I put her down while she is awake many times out of necessity (where as you probably remember I held Max for basically the first 16 weeks of his life, ha!) or that frankly, she just sleeps better? But it’s great. Even though it still shocks me every single night. At night, she is giving me 4.5, sometimes even 5 hours. Max didn’t give me more than three hours until 23 months! Crazy.

She eats like a champ and I love how her cheeks are getting adorably chubby.

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

In my last update, I shared how insanely overwhelming it was at first going from one to two kids. In just two weeks, things have got SO much better. First, I feel like I’m really back to myself, if only because it’s like I was thrown to the wolves and had no choice! I’ve resumed some of Max and my normal routine (within reason of course) which is just necessary – basically I had to jump in with two kids and go for it! We even successfully went to Target as a tricycle and let’s just say that having two kids is probably great for my Target runs because I can’ fit anything in the cart.

Don’t worry though, I still have these moments where I’m like HOW DID MY MOM DO IT. Especially without the internet. Am I right?

And most weekends, I die on Sunday because I know Eddie has to go back to work and I’m just like… but can’t someone be here with me all day long? PLEASE OMG.

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

Also, I credit my mom to my semi-relaxed (she is waaaay more relaxed than me!) mindset about this time with a newborn. I felt this way so much with Max and I just don’t want to wish the time away. It’s already going by so fast. I hate how fast it’s going by. I love being home with these babes and this is such a special and fun time for us and it’s not going to last forever. So the last thing I want to do is stress over it!

Aside from Max being a bit of a threenager at times, the majority of our days together are absolutely amazing.

And of course, as for Max, in the next few weeks I’ll have his three year (!!) update as well as what we are loving at three years old. How is he so old?

emilia at 4 weeks I howsweeteats.com

These updates seem so much shorter than my early (weekly!) ones with Max, but things are just easy and lovely over here! xoxoxo