1. My mind is totally blown over this hot chocolate layer cake.

2. Yesterday on insta stories I shared a few things I grabbed at Trader Joe’s – because this is my absolute favorite time to shop there! They have the best holiday treats and foodie gift sets annnnd I might have broken into the box of chocolate toffee crackers even though I can totally make them at home.

3. Right now Max is really into seeing toy commercials on TV and asking if Santa will bring the toys on Christmas… and his current obsession is the pink and purple Barbie dream house. I never had one of those and uhhhh… sort of want Santa to bring it.

4. Speaking of, did you have an advent calendar as a kid? We never had one that has toys or candy or anything, but we had a felt one that hung on the wall and we moved a little mouse each day closer to Christmas. I think it was this one! The whole toy and chocolate thing every day did not happen.

5. And some of these tweets about eating all your advent calendar chocolate are so funny.

6. Can we talk about how much last week’s episode of This Is Us just KILLED me?! Oh my gosh. That show is so freaking good. Also, as I’m on my own self-imposed maternity leave, I’ve watched The Family Stone just about every day which is half torture, half pleasure.

7. So whyyy is it so easy to buy holiday decor but then when it comes to buying a picture for the wall or a piece of furniture, I just can’t do it? Riddle me that.

8. What to know before waking up at 4am. Which camp are you in? Early bird or night owl? I am so much more of a morning person but have had to somewhat switch that since having kids because night time is when I can get a ton of work done.

9. Who here has Sonos?! Tell me about it and do you love it?