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I’m finally sharing everything that we’ve been loving since Emilia was born! Pretty much all that I loved with Max still applies. I didn’t get many new things, but I do have thoughts on all of these things the second time around. Also, a ton of you have been asking about her clothes! I truly have not bought her much clothing aside from what’s listed below. We’ve been gifted lots of cute outfits from friends and family. Any clothes I’m buying her at the moment are listed below – or they are Cat and Jack from Target. Ha!

Get ready for a TON of things we’ve been loving the last 12 weeks…

Halo Bassinest. I bought this right before having Max and it is the best thing EVER. I still stand by this being the best necessary (like, they need a safe place to sleep!) thing I have for the baby. A couple reasons: 1. we have a really high bed and this goes all the way up to the top. Essentially I’m almost looking right in Emilia’s face as she is next to me in the bassinest. 2. It swivels and is just SO sleek. It’s not huge and bulky like a pack and play or a crib and 3. I love the mesh siding and the features like the light, vibrate and music – which we rarely use but I love that they are there.

Owelet Baby Monitor. I am so, so, SO glad we have this. My entire life, I have been such a huge worrier. Horrible. I worry about the most awful things. When Max came home, you might remember that I didn’t sleep for six days straight. Not even a blink. Not because he wasn’t sleeping (he was for a little bit at a time obviosuly) but because I was so worried about SIDS and that if I took my eyes off of him, something would happen. I had this same anxiety with Emilia (and still do to an extent) but the Owelet helps so much. I bought this right before she was born and she wears it every single night. We have never had a false alarm – one thing I like about it is that the alarms are different and the colors are different for each alarm. We have had the alarm go off twice as the sock has fallen off (it very rarely fall off but if she is kicking a lot in the swaddle, it can get loose) and it plays a loud song. We also had it go off once when the Owelet server went down, but it was the same song as if she kicked it off. This brings me so much peace of mind, even when I’m doing everything to keep her sleeping safely. If you are someone who worries a lot, this is absolutely worth it.

Hanna Anderson Sleepers (without feet). This probably comes as no surprise since I talk about them with Max all the time. These are by far our favorite PJs because the quality is impeccable, they last FOREVER and they almost stretch and grow (Max can still wear ones from 1.5 years ago). I didn’t discover Hanna Anderson until Max was around 1 – and I probably wouldn’t have grabbed these because they don’t have feet. But why they are so useful now is because when using the Owelet above, you can just strap it on their foot easily without worrying about the footed PJs! And her feet don’t get cold because I have her in the fleece swaddle and can use the booties I mention below. So helpful!

Cloud Island Sleep and Play Onesies. Not only is the Cloud Island stuff from Target SO cute – the zip up (or zip down?) onesies are a game changer because they zip from the bottom!! Meaning it’s super easy for late night changes when the baby is only a few weeks old. Love them for that purpose – but wish they were a little softer.

Halo Wearable Swaddle Blanket. Getting this when Max was three days old was a life saver. I actually took the ones I had for him to the hospital for Emilia and that was the best decision. No worrying about swaddling up a plain blanket (which is basically impossible!) and even at 12 weeks, Emilia still isn’t busting out of this swaddle. It helps her sleep so much.

Bjorn Bouncer. This is something else I had with Max but I use it SO much more right now with Emilia. I have her sit in it all the time – while I’m cooking, showering, while Max and I are playing, just to give her another position other than her back (she rolls over now so even during tummy time, she always flips!) – and it’s great. Occasionally she falls asleep in it too and doesn’t even mind. While I love this (and it’s the only bouncer we have), I have no idea why it is so expensive because it’s really quite simple.

Himalayan Salt Lamp. My sister-in-law bought one of these for her baby that was born in July and swore by it for nighttime nursing. It is the BEST! I wrote about it in my regular favorites because I love it so much, but I can’t even explain how wonderful it is. It gives such a lovely, light glow. It doesn’t wake up Eddie (not sure anything would though – ha!) and I also think it is helpful in Emilia falling back asleep at night if she has to be changed or eats because of the light glow. It’s not bright and certainly doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Fisher Price Rock and Play. For the first few weeks (and still occasionally), this is what I would have Emilia nap in downstairs so I could keep an eye on her while Max and I played. She still naps in it occasionally if I’m cooking or something. It’s another great option for her to lounge in. I also like this as a travel option for sleep at this age too.

Leachco Pod. Another item that I had with Max and that I’ve recommended to SO many of you. This is so much better than the boppy lounger because it is deep. Already at 12 weeks I feel like Emilia could actually roll OUT of the boppy lounger. No way can she roll out of this. She loves it. I can’t imagine not having this at the moment, especially with a toddler around. She loves to hang out in this and I’m fine with her napping in it too as long as I’m right next to her and she’s supervised.

Dock a Tot. I bought this because it didn’t exist when Max was born and there has been so much hype around it. I really do love it. It can fit in her crib and actually even fits snugly in the bassinest. I keep this upstairs and have her lounge in it while I’m cleaning or just doing our morning routine of making beds, getting ready, etc. It’s a bit bulkier than the pod above, so I tend to take the pod with us right now when traveling.

Milk Snob. This is probably in my top three purchases for this second time around. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s super stretchy and goes over the car seat. It is amazing because it keeps people OUT of sticking their face into her seat when we are out and about. It’s been essential with flu season and also was wonderful during the holidays. I knew we wouldn’t be staying home all the time because we had holiday plans for Max, so this was great. It also blocks the wind really nicely. However, I do NOT like this for nursing. It’s a bit too restrictive and tight when it comes to covering up. I nurse in public all the time but do prefer to at least cover up a bit – and I’d rather use a blanket, scarf, wrap, etc – that let’s us both breathe.

Zutano Booties. OBSESSED with these booties! They stay on her feet (and have from day 1!) and she can’t even kick them off. They are so super soft. I even put them over socks. Also use them a bunch with the Hanna Anderson PJs mentioned above!

Aden and Anais Classic Dream Blanket. This is the softest, thickest, most wonderful blanket. I adore it. I steal it all the time and use it for msyself! I bought one for Max and bought one for Emilia too. Love love love. It’s my favorite blanket ever.

Nuna Pipa Car Seat. This car seat is THE BEST. It is so, so incredibly light (and I don’t have the “lite” version) – and it’s super easy to slide into the base. Could not be happier with this. The only reason I didn’t get the stroller to go with it is because I needed a double strolled, which Nuna didn’t have at the time.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller. I’ve got so many questions about our stroller! I did a ton of double stroller research and this is what I went with. I originally used the Orbit with Max and bought it specifically to convert to a double, but then they got recalled and went out of business. This Uppbaby is AWESOME. First, it’s very easy to maneuver. I use it often for a single (which is amazing!) and often for a double too. Max loves the double seat. I liked that the double seat wasn’t UNDER the car seat and facing me – Max would never sit in that. We also have the piggyback board which he LOVES and which is not as annoying as I assumed it would be. Second, the bottom cargo basket is HUGE! We fit so much stuff in it. The stroller in general is pretty huge in the back of the car, but from what I understand, at this stage most doubles are. I’d eventually love the get the Uppababy G LINK double umbrella stroller (we have the single and it’s great) which is a lot smaller. And as a note, I think that once Emilia is bigger and has more support on her own, I will get the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. Unfortunately her car seat wasn’t compatible with the Baby Jogger to snap in, so I scrapped the idea. But that will be great in 6 months or so for both.

A few other things that I am using again and really liking this time around, again: the 4moms tub, if only for the temperature gauge alone!, the Honest lavender shampoo + body wash, the Pampers swaddlers because they are the softest for newborns and the color changing line is everything, the Lansinoh nursing pads because I have a crazy over supply and have tried all the others and the 4moms breeze pack and play which I have set up with the bassinet attachment for easy diaper changes.

[This is not sponsored and everything above is something I either purchased or was gifted by friends and family. They are a few affiliate links above. xoxo]