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Here are some favorites that we are loving at the 6 month mark! We are still really loving everything from the 3 month favorites (well, maybe minus the Owelet, since mine broke at 3am one night after giving me the red alarm and I just about had a heart attack) and I’m pretty much using everything from Max! Here is a link to his 6 month favorites way back when.

A few of the big toys that we brought out for her that we had from Max are the 4moms Mamaroo, the Einstein Baby Activity Jumper and the Bjorn Bouncer and we still love them ALL.

As for the rest? Here’s a list of what I’m (we’re) crazy over at the moment!

Dockatot. I can’t even express how much I love the Dockatot. I love it so much more than I did three months ago, and the main reason is because we’ve been traveling with it for the book tour! I bought the travel bag which is a lifesaver. I’ve checked it and carried it on – both ways are great, just depends on how many hands I have with me. This is what I’ve taken everywhere to ensure there is a safe place for Emilia to sit/lay/play in while in hotel rooms (since we can’t really travel with swings or seats, etc) – and also for sleep. I didn’t have her sleeping in the dockatot at home (we only use the Bassinest + her crib for sleep), but having it in hotels has been amazing.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair. Absolutely love love love this chair! This is what I’m using to feed Emilia right now, but she’s been sitting in it for about three months now and just loves it.

Uppbaby Vista Stroller – and the Travel Bag! I know that I mentioned this stroller in our 3 month favorites, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again after traveling with it a ton. The travel bag is key. It saved my life!! I bought these (great and cheap) red bags on amazon first and while they worked (I am still using one for our car seat), the stroller barely fit. It was a struggle and we ripped a hole in it the first time. The Uppababy travel bag is amazing. I mean, it is HARD to travel with babies and to have to break this all down at the gate. I sweat bullets, it’s like a workout! But now that I’ve done it a bunch, it’s so easy and this bag makes it super simple.

Louloulollipop Teethers. These are so cute and fun! We have the donut and unicorn and just love them. Also so great because they clip on so Emilia can’t throw them.

Little Unicorn bandana bibs. Emilia spits up and drools so much more than Max ever did, so I actually had to get bibs! He didn’t have any cute ones and I have hers on 24/7. These are so adorable, so soft and definitely my favorite. I found one at Target a few months ago but have never seen them then again.

Baby Bling bows and headbands. These are my favorite headbands for Emilia because they are just so soft! The bands aren’t tight and they are silky and stretchy.

Boppy Comfy Fit Baby Carrier. So here’s my thing with carries. I LOVE wearing babies and Solly baby is my favorite when the kids are brand new. But as they grow, I’ve never found a comfortable one. The structured ones are so uncomfortable with the straps in the back and then around the waist and it’s just so much going on – not to mention HOT. And this is amplified because Emilia doesn’t like to snuggle up, she always wants to be up and bouncing around. I’ll be honest – this one still gets like that. But! It’s what I use in the airport and definitely the best I’ve found, I think because it’s a combo of the solly baby (stretchy and spandex-y) but also structured.

Munchkin Diaper Travel Bags. Let’s just say that Emilia’s diapers are not as predictable as Max’s. We’ve had more blowouts than I can count (most happening in airports and on planes – WONDERFUL) and these bags are lifesavers. I didn’t have them with Max, so they’ve definitely been a… favorite? If I can call diaper bags that.

Boon Pulp Feeder. Emilia LOVES this!! I’m shocked, because Max had a mesh one of these and hated it (along with any kind of puree) – but Emilia loves loves loves it. It’s one of her favorite things!

Also, some of my favorite clothing brands right now? Aside from Cat and Jack at Target…

Monica and Andy. I love this stuff. I was ordering it from Nordstrom, but while I was in Chicago for my book tour, I stayed right near the brick and mortar store. OMG! It was incredible. This stuff is so adorable but also so soft and just lovely. The patterns are so cute. I’ve got some really cute things for Max too!

Anger Dear. This is one of those boutique-y brands but I’ve bought a few little summer one pieces for Emilia that are ADORABLE. I can’t take it.

I still get things at Zara, Hanna Anderson, Baby Gap and occasionally Janie and Jack for both kids. I love Mini Boden and Tea Collection too, but tend to get them at Nordstrom. I’ve been pretty “good” on the shopping front when it comes to Emilia, but I have a feeling that one she starts walking (and adorable clothes look even cuter), I may lose some self control.

Pretty sure that is it for now! If I think of anything else, I’ll come back here and update it. Let me know what new and fun baby/kids gear/toys/accessories you’re loving right now. xo

[none of this was sponsored and I purchased everything myself! there are some affiliate links above. thank you!]