tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This month of January is dragging like NO OTHER. I generally don’t love January through March but maybe it’s because this year, I feel extra stuck inside the house or something? Ack! I lie awake in bed at night and research beach vacations. It’s actually super fun.

2. Oh my gosh! Very into these black sesame truffles.

3. Ummmm please tell me that you have seen the Saved By the Bell lipstick!? So many of you have sent this to me. We just can’t let the 90s die.

4. This might be a really stupid questions. But aren’t “joggers” just… sweatpants? Like for a million years they have just be called sweatpants. Now there are women’s joggers and baby joggers. Joggers for everyone! What the what.

5. Oh god. Words cannot express how much I DREADING this week’s episode of This Is Us. Why am I so torn up about it? Like it’s actually real life? It really is right up there with Parenthood for me.

6. Also. WE FINALLY SAW I, TONYA. OMG. I pretty much had to drag Eddie and he ended up LOVING it too. Allison Janney is just unreal. Margot Robbie is so good. The story is fascinating. We spent all of Saturday watching specials on the event like complete psychos.

7. How to learn to love Mondays! Oh oh oh I need this. I’ve forever hated Mondays and am a huge Sunday blues person. Even when we have had the best weekend, the minute Sunday rolls around I’m like whomp whomp.

8. As we come to the end of January, I have failed miserably at my resolution of meditating every day. None of the apps are even helping me! I just forget. And then it’s 11:30 at night. And I’d rather research said beach vacations in #1.