I love eating green!

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Right? I mean who wouldn’t love it when guacamole salsa is involved.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

YEP. I said it. Guacamole salsa sounds like a weird name. It kind of is. It’s a mix of salsa verde and guacamole! It’s basically perfect. And noooo I didn’t make it up. I got the name from this bottle riiiiight here.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

So I’ve always really loved that guacamole salsa – it’s a fun twist on salsa verde. But I happened to look at the ingredients a few weeks ago when I bought it and was super confused… it has artificial coloring AND flavoring?! Like why? Why does guacamole salsa need that?

It doesn’t, so I had to make my own.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

I mean, aren’t both guacamole AND salsa made from all sorts of fresh ingredients? They are basically made from all vegetables so it’s acceptable to down said dips with a copious amount of chips. The veggies cancel everything out.

If only that could be the situation with queso…

Really though, that’s why I never even bothered looking at that bottle. Never did I ever think there would be weird stuff inside.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

Pretty much going to swan dive right into that bowl.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

To start things off, I charred a jalapeño pepper. And by “char,” I mean that I held it over the flame of my gas stove top with kitchen tongs while yelling at Max to stay far away.

It’s the best way to faux roast, for real. It goes into a bag to quickly faux steam and then! Into the food processor with the rest of these delicious ingredients.

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I am in LOVE with the flavor here. Tomatillos, avocados, lots of fresh lime, cilantro, jalapeno, a little onion – all that good stuff. With chips, it’s to DIE for.

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

But! It also makes a perfect salad dressing or taco drizzle or burrito filling. OMG and nachos. Yes to all the nachos.

And it’s good for us so you know what that means!

guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

Roasted Jalapeño Guacamole Salsa

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  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 4 tomatillos chopped
  • 3 avocados
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1/4 cup diced onion plus more for topping
  • 1/4 cup fresh torn cilantro plus more for topping
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice or more if needed
  • tortilla chips for serving


  • Take your jalapeño pepper and either place it under the broiler on a baking sheet for a few minutes until it is charred, or heat it over your gas stovetop until charred. Place the pepper in a ziplock bag and let it "steam" for 10 minutes. Remove the pepper and rub off the charred skin, then slice it up. If you want it super spicy, leave in the seems!
  • Combine the pepper, tomatillos, avocados, garlic, onion, cilantro, salt and pepper in the food processor. Blend until combined and pureed. With the processor on, add in the lime juice until the mixture thins out a bit and is smooth. Transfer the salsa to a bowl and top with additional diced onion, cilantro and pepper slices.
  • Serve immediately with tortilla chips!


Polyunsaturated Fat: 0g, Monounsaturated Fat: 0g, Trans Fat: 0g, Potassium: 0mg, Vitamin A: 0IU, Vitamin C: 0mg, Calcium: 0mg, Iron: 0mg

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guacamole salsa I howsweeteats.com #guacamole #salsa #dip #avocado

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