tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The stir craziness is out of control and I am SO glad it’s getting a bit warmer here. We need to get out! I can totally take Emilia to the movies at this stage, right? Since she just sleeps sleeps sleeps.

2. Um, I have a new obsession. Panera iced coffee. IT IS SO GOOD. The vanilla latte tastes like ice cream. So much better and less bitter than Starbucks. Major downfall: no drive thru. This is probably a good thing.

3. But all I really want in life is this homemade cookie cereal.

4. I downloaded the 1 second everyday app after seeing people post their videos at the end of each year for multiple years in a row now. I’m so glad I remembered! This gist is that you take a 1 second video every single day and at the end of the year, it puts an entire video together for you. Too bad all of ours have been with us totally stuck in the house so far.

5. Please tell me you’ve seen (and heard!) the new Bruno Mars video? He will forever be my favorite. And now he just speaks to my 90s loving soul.

6. There is no way I can get enough of Oprah’s Golden Globes speech. I adore her, of course. For the last few weeks I’ve been reading her Wisdom of Sundays book and listening to the super soul conversations podcast. Not to mention, I thought she looked incredible. She was one of my best dressed, along with Viola Davis (who I think I talk about after every awards show because she always looks amazing… also, her eyeshadow!), Reese Witherspoon and Diane Kruger.

7. Also more TV things: I am SO excited about the new show Splitting Up Together? And Good Girls!

8. So not only am I so excited for the winter olympics, I’m also DYING to see I, Tonya. I realize those are two different things, but the memory of that happening is still so vivid in my mind. I was glued to the TV those days as a young almost-tween who wanted to be a pro figure skater and watching Nancy Kerrigan screaming on the floor is etched in my brain forever. Then I remember exactly where I was when we watched those games. Crazy!

9. Mariah says brunch is over. What do you say? I will never ever be over brunch. But I could also get into linner.