tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I got a notification last week that I’ve been on Facebook for 13 years. This seems unreal considering I still think that I’m 17 in my brain.

2. How cool is this blue moon milk?! So gorgeous!

3. Have you been listening to the new Justin Timberlake album? Thoughts? I *think* I’m liking it. To be honest, I hold everything to the standard of Taylor Swift’s 1989 that made me fall in love instantly and that I played nonstop for months.

4. Speaking of! I still say “CD’s” even though I haven’t bought a CD in ages. I actually have to think about saying the word “album” and I almost always type out CD. Embarrassing.

5. Speaking of again! What did you think of the JT halftime performance? I liked it. I didn’t OMG LOVE it, but I always think back to Bruno Mars and how he was sooo good. My favorite!

6. Even when it’s 10 degrees outside, I still want iced coffee. And smoothie bowls.

7. So we obviously have to discuss This Is Us. Ugh. It just made me so sick to my stomach! Why am I so invested in a fake life?! Also! The one scene with Randall towards the end… eeep! Are they going to start doing that now?

8. Every few months I write about the scary movie trailers that are TERRIFYING me so here it is: have you seen the previews for A Quiet Place? OMG. We saw an extended trailer before I,Tonya and I covered my face the entire time. Horrific.

9. Yesterday I slipped on ice and am 98% sure I gave myself whiplash. This makes me officially feel old and like I’m at the point where I’m starting to hobble when I stand up!