tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. All I need at the moment is a one bowl brown butter banana cake. See also: I live for alliteration.

2. I’m so sad that the Olympics are over. I don’t know what to do with myself now from 9PM to 12AM. Sleep would probably be a great answer.

3. Also, I’m like 95% sure that Johnny Weir has eyelash extensions, right? I’m so going to miss seeing him (& Tara Lipinski!) every night! Can’t wait for the Kentucky Derby and their outfits. Back to the subject at hand, this makes me want eyelash extensions so badly (again), and I know I mention it every few months, but I can’t imagine spending that chunk of time getting refills so often. Like I’d rather go shopping? Or go to an amazing restaurant? Or something else now that I have kids. But I WANT THE LASHES. Will my eyeballs fall out? I’m afraid so.

4. There are a lot of games and toys that I love to play with Max every day. He recently got into legos and loves building them (which I think is amazing, my brother loved them too… and still does!) but he is still getting the hang of building the pictures he sees on the box. This has taught me that I have NO patience for legos and building. OMG. So not my thing. I mean, I obviously fake it and act like playing with them is the most fun thing in the universe. But. Every time I put these tiny buildings together I’m internally losing my mind. Really wishing I loved them! Interested to know if you have a toy like this that you dread.

5. I don’t even like carbonation and Diet Coke and these are all I want to drink.

6. My TV thoughts for the week: I watched Homeland and think it’s getting better! I loved Divorce again because I just laugh hysterically at each episode. Last night I did watch Good Girls and liked it. Thoughts? Think it will stick around? Also, is anyone interested in Roseanne coming back? I was never allowed to watch that when I was a kid so have no thoughts. We also weren’t allowed to watch The Simpsons, Married with Children and 90210, but I totally snuck the last one somehow. Super excited This Is Us is coming back tonight!

7. And this interview with Jennifer Lawrence had me rolling on the floor. Can’t wait to listen to her on Marc Maron’s podcast too.

8. Tell me about a great desk. I have a desk that was given to us when my grandma died but it has no storage (like one drawer) and my junk is piled EVERYWHERE. Pretty sure I mentioned before that I’d love an acrylic clear desk but I actually need something functional since I work. And I’m ready to get it now! Something with lots of drawers and storage! I like a bunch of Pottery Barn Teen options, most likely because I still think I’m a teen.