tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Today marks exactly TWO WEEKS until The Pretty Dish is released! Eeeeep! You can still get your free recipe book if you preorder today! It would mean the world to me.

2. This yogurt queso is a thing and it’s a thing I want in my face ASAP.

3. Finally had an Instant Pot success! I made nom nom paleo’s kalua pork and it was pretty good. Still not sold on the IP though and sort of bummed.

4. Speaking of crazy kitchen appliances, are you moving on to the air fryer trend? I actually have one because I used it to make these lobster fondue fries for Crate and Barrel two years ago. I’ve only used it once or twice since though. Going to need a separate room to hold all of my kitchen junk.

5. If you’ve made the incredible chocolate chunk shortbread, this is so funny: how I ruined instagram’s favorite cookie.

6. Newest TV obsession: Ugly Delicious on Netflix. It’s so good!

7. Did you watch the Oscars?! Some of my favorite dresses included Jennifer Garner (omg, that color), Viola Davis (have I ever NOT liked what she has worn?), Lupita Nyong’o (that gold though), Gina Rodriguez (prob theee favorite), Allison Janney (because I’m just obsessed with her), Jennifer Lawrence (didn’t like it so much on TV, but in the pictures it looks so amazing!) and Nicole Kidman (it was SO her, right?). Okay I’m done.

8. Someday perhaps I will live in a world where the word “favorite” actually applies to one thing for me? Probably never.

9. I love board games, so I want to know your favorite! Tell me, tell me. And don’t you think we should just bring back Mall Madness?