It is unreal that we are here.

emilia at 7 months I

How are we here?!

I know. You’re like please don’t even start with the clichés again but GUYS I can’t help it. My brain is mush and time is speeding up and I’m just like WHAT is this life.

And how am I so lucky to live it.

I don’t have a ton to write about because I just wrote 3.5 weeks ago. But photo overload at seven months? Here we go!

emilia at 7 months I

Emilia is so sweet. I swear the sweetness is on another level. She is just such a sweet child. I look at her and I see her being sweet when she’s eight years old. Just an adorable sweet soul.

I will say that maybe her sweetness is heightened because I’m living with a three year old who believes he is a dictator. At times, that life can make a crying baby seem sweet.

emilia at 7 months I

I am obsessed with the two of them. I swear they have their own language. She laughs SO hard at Max. The way that they love each other is just unlike anything I’ve seen. It melts my heart.

And I’m also obsessed with how DIFFERENT they are. Like, I was so obsessed with Max that it didn’t seem like there could ever be a baby who acted differently than him. And now she is here and she is perfect and so fun and I love watching how she is just her own little person.

She’s also SO freaking happy all the time. You look at her and she really smiles at you like she is just so grateful to have your attention. I adore this bug. OMG.

emilia at 7 months I

She’s eating a ton and LOVES it. So much more real food than Max ever ate. Still doing a mix of baby led weaning and purees. She adores the puree and loves feeding herself. She gets SO excited when she seeds food. Like grunts and squeals and screams.

I guess she is definitely my child.

She is still taking three naps a day. Occasionally a fourth cat nap! Crazy, right?

We’re still not into cuddling. I mean, I am VERY into cuddling and try to get her to snuggle all day and she just isn’t into it! She likes when I hold her, but she is up and alert and awake and laughing and looking around and not into snuggling at all. This is probably why I don’t care that she is still waking up at night – it’s the only time I get a semi-snuggly babe!

emilia at 7 months I

I also realized something funny today. Emilia is still waking up once or twice at night. In fact, now that I think about it, last night she woke up almost every two hours. But guess what? I actually DON’T think about it.

I don’t think about it. Like it doesn’t’ bother me. What?!

And this is SO weird, because it’s literally ALL I thought about with Max. And all I talked about. And all I wrote about. I mean, if you were in my real life and had to talk to me from 2014 to 2016, I most likely threw into the conversation that I had a 23 month old child who had never (NEVER NOT ONCE) ever slept through the night and oh hi I’m dying but I want 24 more children because I’m obsessed with him.

But! All that stuff about time flying and this stage going so fast has made me not even think about or worry about her sleep. Until I sit down to ramble about it right now, that is. Hahaha.

I already lived through it once and I know it passes and goes so fast. It’s going to be over in a blink. Does that make sense? If you’re there on team no sleep, I hear you! As annoying as it is, if you think about it this way, with how fast it goes, it really takes the miserableness away!

Still lucky though, because she will give me four or five hour stretches some days. Nothing like Max who never gave more than two hours.

I just love every little itty bitty thing about her.

emilia at 7 months I

She is the best girl. She is getting a few more hairs on her little head and the are all bright red. I don’t even know how to handle how crazy I am about her. Max calls her princess Emilia sometimes and, well… she is totally a little princess.

Yes, now apparently I’m that person. But looks at those cheeeeeks.