Create a melon summer snacking board with watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and honeydew. Drizzled with balsalmic, pesto, fresh herbs and paired with prosciutto and marinated mozzarella. I #melon #summer #snack #cheese #board #watermelon

Welcome back to Summer Fridays! Let’s make it feel like a fun day of vacation, k? 


My perfect summer morning. I’ve always been a morning person and am obsessed with creating a great start to the day. But here, I’m not talking about waking up and doing morning pages or exercising or drinking lemon water. Well yes, I would include all that, but what I’m talking about is right after that. I’ve been writing down what my perfect day would look like in hopes to create it for myself so I’m more present. And in LOVE with every single day… at least to the best of my ability. I’m so worried about time flying by (because, hello – it does) and missing moments with my kids because I’m working or on the computer or just generally spazzed. I want our mornings to be filled with sunshine and fresh fruit and smoothies and maybe pancakes and I want us to eat it outside before it gets super hot out and I don’t want to open my phone every 64 seconds. I realize that sounds so easy but it’s a small part of the perfect day and what I want to do! Since I love to hear others’ routines (read: I’m obsessed), I’m excited to hear what your ultimate morning would look like!


On the melon mozzarella board above! This is my favorite summer snack board so far. All variations of melon: watermelon, cantaloupe. honeydew, cucumber, some marinated mozzarella. Everything is made into skewers or paired with prosciutto or drizzled with balsamic or pesto or all of the above! It’s a really fun and colorful snack idea and you can make a huge one or a small plate depending on your current summer sitch.


Or should I say… slushing? Tomorrow is National Rosé Day so take a look at my rosé guide and then make some of this watermelon frosé! Pretty sure it’s what I’m going to make tomorrow too.


This white clam sauce pizza with chili oil. Remember when I created this after being in Brooklyn last spring? The thing is that I was in that iffy stage of pregnancy where nothing sounds good and I’ve really been wanting it ever since. It is SUPER delish. Very decadent but also light, if that can be a thing. It can. Trust me.


This cherry peach crisp with oatmeal cookie crumble. Cherries are great right now and peaches might be iffy – so you can use frozen ones! Fight me for the topping because honestly that’s all I really care about. Also making the cobbler bars from The Pretty Dish with all the strawberries we picked!


A little menu for Sunday dinner. I’m thinking my house salad, flank steak with chimichurri, bacon blue potato salad and spicy broccoli. Having such a weird, weird thing for broccoli right now.


To the Summer Fridays Summer Kitchen playlist! Oh yes, here it is for all of your chill cooking, baking and cocktailing enjoyment. I freaking love it.


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. OMG. Get down there in the comments and talk to me about this book. I read it in 24 hours from the time we took off for Nashville until we landed back in Pittsburgh the next night. I LOVED IT. I’m still thinking about it. So many of you said it was fabulous on my summer reading post, but honestly, I was afraid I wouldn’t get into it. A novel about someone writing a story about someone else seemed too confusing to me but it was unreal. It was SO good. Exactly the kind of book that I love. And I can’t stop thinking of the characters Evelyn and Celia. And Harry! It was one of those books that was so good that I didn’t want to start a new book, you know?

But, I did start Wish You Were Here last night. We shall see.


And outline because I want to get my freaking dream novel written. Except I’m not an outline person. And I have two kids. And a buisness. And about 128 other excuses that is keeping me from getting it done. So because of that, instead of just ACTUALLY DOING IT, I’m looking up videos on youtube about how to be productive. Makes loads of sense in my brain.


Of staying somewhere an entire month next summer. It can’t really happen for us with Eddie’s job but I am so intrigued (and envious!) following Bev’s month in Connecticut that I want to somehow make it happen! Now if only I could make that month happen on Nantucket like I was wishing last week…


A little trip to Cape May! That’s more doable. If you’re a longtime reader than you know that I grew up going to the Jersey Shore (Wildwood + Cape May – there are even blog posts on it!) but we kind of scrapped it the year my brother got married and we haven’t been back since. I’m dying to take my kids there but it’s so tricky to find a spot that allows you to rent for just a few days (most of them want a one week commitment) right ON the beach. Also, obsessed with this Tuckernuck shoot in Cape May. So nostalgic for me.


This lululemon tank that I’m obsessed with. It’s so stretchy and soft. And I don’t so much love it all flowy and loose but tying it into a knot on the side? OMG. I love it. Kelly Kapowski knotted tops for life. I’ll never stop.


A Trader Joe’s run today! Tell me all your new favorites below and I will most likely (over) share mine on insta stories.

Create a melon summer snacking board with watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and honeydew. Drizzled with balsalmic, pesto, fresh herbs and paired with prosciutto and marinated mozzarella. I #melon #summer #snack #cheese #board #watermelon

A watermelon cheese board might be the only board I need.