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Hey hey! HELLO Saturday. I hope you’re able to embrace the beauty of summer (well, almost!) this weekend.

Some things! My next book signing for The Pretty Dish is in one of my favorite places, D.C.! The party/Q+A/signing is at Room & Board, so be sure to RSVP here (it’s free!) if you can come. And then that Saturday, June 23rd, I’ll be signing books in Philadelphia at Fantes Kitchen! We had such an amazing time there for my first book and I can’t wait to go back.

This week, I did a quick update on Emilia at 7 months too! And finally, pop over and follow me on Pinterest if you’re not yet. Apparently they are trying to go back to “how things used to be”… in a good way!


My favorites this week:

smoked gouda garlic bread. OMG.

this 3 minute cast iron steak looks amazing.

the classic negroni. i adore them.

oh hi fried tortilla ice cream sandwiches. what!

and mango citrus fruit punch is so pretty.

double dark chocolate cookie dough ice cream. i’m dying.

craving these banana chocolate chip muffins.

blueberry basil ginger soda. love this.

always loving a good zucchini lasagna.

sunflower butter cookies! the answer to no PB.

super intrigued by this aquafaba amaretto sour.

salted tahini cookie dough fudge. oh yum.

i want to make this cold soba noodle salad for lunch.

blueberry oatmeal quick bread. sounds so good!