summer fridays I #summer #fridays

I can’t believe we’re into week five of summer fridays! Here’s what’s on the agenda for the end of June.


There is no doubt that both the veggie burgers and smash burgers will be making an appearance on our weekend menu! I’d also suggest the hot bacon caprese salad and these grilled veggies with avocado whipped feta! And if you’ll be poolside? Here is my favorite pool party snack mix.


On this rosé sangria. It will probably always be my first choice! And for breakfast purposes, these iced raspberry lattes. Perfect.


Or should I say… not baking? This red white and blue no-bake cheesecake star tart is super fun to make! Also: blueberry slab pie. Just do it.


For our menu planning service Sweet Peas Meals, we’ve created our favorite summer essentials recipe guide! This is packed with THEEEE best (not so) basic recipes you need for your summer parties. From top to bottom! Nothing too wild – things that everyone will love. And it’s totally FREE! You can access it right here.


So to follow up on last week, I did find The Last Mrs Parrish semi-interesting at the end. It got good and I stayed up until 2AM finishing it because it sucked me in. Overall though, I’d probably only give it two stars. I’m now into The Perfect Couple and… I hate to say this but I’m kind of finding it a little difficult to follow. That might be because by the time I get to it at night, it’s super late and I’m so tired. But I’m hoping to finish it this weekend and start Emily Giffin’s new one! What are you reading right now? If you need a refresher, here’s my 2018 summer reading list!


With the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday, when the heck are you celebrating?! This weekend? Next weekend? Are you being a rebel and actually celebrating on Wednesday even though it’s a #schoolnight? I feel like we’re in a weird place with traditions right now. Traditions are changing in my family and I don’t like it but I also love it. On top of that, I have some WEIRDO pressure about the 4th of July! I am never that person – I couldn’t care less about New Years or similar holidays, don’t ever build up expectations for the day, but next week for some reason, I have high expectations. We’ve always done really fun things on the 4th of July and I don’t want it to fall short. Aside from the universe ruining it since it’s on WEDNESDAY.


4th of July party playlist is HERE! I might be blasting it for the next ten days.


Last year for Christmas, my brother got me a pink shep shirt from Vineyard Vines and it’s pretty much my most favorite thing ever. I then bought a blue one and every time I have one of them on on insta stories, you guys ask about them. I’m obsessed with this striped version that just so happens to be very red, white and blue friendly. Also want to put Emilia in this cute one piece!


As we gear up for some time at the beach (my next Pretty Dish signing is at Rehoboth Beach on July 8!), I’ve got a question for you. What do you use for babies (think Emilia, not Max) to shield them from the sun and sand? I’m talking umbrella, tent or canopy. We had a tent with Max and there is no way Lacy and I can set it up in a few weeks while watching the kids, plus it just gets SO hot in the tent. The umbrella doesn’t seem like enough though. And the canopy seems way too complicated and large for us to manage with both kids. I realize this is leaving me with no solution… ha. But I’m hoping you have an answer!


The perfect office set up. Now that I’m home from the majority of my book tour, I want to design a great home office and desperately need inspiration since I can’t even decide on a photo to hang on our wall four years after moving in. In need of the perfect space!


My life! Not joking when I say I’ve left suitcases on my bedroom floor since March of this year with all the travel. I have a long list of things to clean out (closets! pantry! food styling props! garage!) but also want to settle into a (slight) schedule. I say slight because it’s summer and I don’t want a strict schedule. But! I’m still using the Passion Planner this year and I love the set up sooo much.

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Let’s eat all the guac we can this weekend.