summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Welcome back to summer Fridays! so glad you are loving this series and that we can chat every week! xo


Last weekend, Lacy and I went to Rehoboth for The Pretty Dish event. We wanted to go for a few days since we hadn’t been there before and I really wanted to take the kids to the beach. Eddie had to work so he couldn’t come. BUT. He surprised us and left one hour after us, and came for less than 24 hours just to hang out and see the kids at the beach. It was such an amazing surprise and so spontaneous and so wonderful of him to come, even though I know it had to be stressful driving six hours alone only to turn around and drive six hours back less than 24 hours later, right before work. The memories he made with Max on the beach, getting soaked in the waves in their clothes, will last forever. It was just such a wonderful surprise! Also, side note: Lacy and I taking both kids to the beach was basically a two hour workout. Ooomp.


On this stone fruit cheese board up above! It’s super easy to make – all you need are peaches, plums, apricots and cherries! Avocodo and olives optional, of course. With these fruits, I love a whipped ricotta and a blue cheese. You could also do a taleggio which is SO good.


This summer chicken pot pie crostada with an herbed crust. I am ALL about the no-bake, no-cook meals in the summer when it’s hot out. But sometimes you crave that comfort food and this is exactly that. For summer!


I’m getting SO into peaches. Currently craving my fresh peach gin and tonic – I mean, how good does that sound in 85 degree weather? I have a few amazing peach recipes on their way… starting next week!


Zucchini bread coffee cake for summer mornings. Give me this and a HUGE iced coffee and I’m good to go.


My reading took a backseat this week since we were away! But I’m still reading Emily Giffin’s latest. What should I read next? If you need a refresher, here’s my summer reading list!


Are you ready for this playlist? It’s my favorite yet. How Sweet Eats Wedding Weekend!! OMG, it’s so so so good. And bonus points if you can remember what song Eddie and I danced to on this playlist. I’ve talked about it multiple times! p.s. Max and I had an hour long dance party to this playlist yesterday afternoon.

I also listened to the Armchair Expert Podcast with Dax’s mom and I loved it so much. Wow. Super inspirational and interesting. Something she said really struck me – “you can always choose again.” Love it!


Can you believe that this weekend is my niece, Evelyn’s,  first birthday party?! HOW?! It feels like a moment ago when we were so excited, waiting for her to be born. Time is flying. We have a wedding tonight and my aunt’s birthday party was last night, so needless to say, it’s cake overload over here.


I’m actually wearing an older dress to the wedding tonight, but for the rest of the weekend I’m bringing this super casual striped dress that I just got this week. It’s SO comfortable!


Um, all the things at the Nordstrom sale. In case you missed it, I shared my anniversary sale favorites yesterday and I’ve already updated the list since. And then I see what everyone else is loving and I keep adding things to my cart. Danger!

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Just need a little grilled bread with that plate up there.