summer fridays I #summer #fridays

It’s a real summer friday for me over here as I head on our family vacation this week! xo


One of the only things I can guarantee that I’ll be making this week is the How Sweet Eats House Salad! It’s a tradition. And I also have the peach panzanella, crispy fish tostadas and a ton of cheeseboards on my list from The Pretty Dish! And I need some s’mores french toast.


Going back to my top ten favorite rosés this week since I’m hoping to spend the next six days drinking it on a dock. Or a boat. Or the beach! Now that we’re knee deep in summer, do you have a (new) favorite rosé?


I shared some of our road trip snacks a few weeks ago, but for this trip, I am obsessed with making homemade peanut butter cups – or homemade cashew butter cups. I don’t know why! I can’t get them out of my head. Also, talk about messy. That’s the last thing I need to pass back to a 3 year old in the car.


I’m SO excited to go to my favorite place today for real VACATION!! I know it appears like I’ve been on vacation a lot with the book tour, but traveling with the kids + work at the same time was exhausting. I am so so so excited to go on a real legit vacation and not do a THING but enjoy my family. I have all my posts and content ready to go for you guys next week, so there will be so much deliciousness to come. I worked super hard on this last week to get everything ready and just kept telling myself “it will be so worth it come Friday!” And it is.


We’re officially on vacation but we’re SO sad that we’re missing Picklesburgh this year. We’ve gone every year and it’s super fun (and HOT!). Get the chicken sandwich at Coop de Ville if they have it! 


Oh man, here I am AGAIN saying that my reading went out the window this week. I had zero time. So I’m still on All We Ever Wanted. Grabbing a few others from my summer reading list though for the week. What did you read this week?


If you read my beauty favorites, then you know how much I love Drunk Elephant products. This review is so funny and mostly spot on to the products I love and use.


This week we had our first birthday over at Sweet Peas Meals! We have a lot of fun things in store but in the meantime, you can still get access to our summer essentials entertaining guide here.


Today’s playlist is all about the beach bonfire. Going to have it on repeat along with S’MORES. Okay I’ll stop.


Today the Nordstrom sale is live for everyone and I updated all my favorites along with some of the things I got/didn’t like. This last week, I have been living in this dress. It’s so comfortable!


I was going through the notes section of my phone and found this quote that I must have taken down from SOMEWHERE – I have no idea where. Its’ “what you choose to focus on becomes your reality.” I love this! Living by it right now. 

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

No seriously I am going to have alllll the s’mores.