currently crushing on I

Happy weekend! I hope you have a fabulous Saturday. And Sunday! And week to come!

p.s. last week I shared a 9 month update on my lovebug Emilia. HOW HAS IT BEEN NINE MONTHS? Ugh.



my love language: lavender espresso pancakes. omg.

this shrimp and couscous salad sounds so good.

the most gorgeous peach maple cake.

no knead cheddar jalapeño bread. yessss.

just really want these homemade peanut butter cups.

super into this baked chicken milanese!

chocolate chip zucchini bread! making it this weekend.

craving sesame glazed roasted salmon.

the prettiest blackberry brownie ice cream sandwiches.

it’s the best summer gazpacho!

how amazing do these vietnamese steak summer rolls look?