summer fridays I

Hey hey summer fridays!! You’re the best.


My ideal 2018. Well, the rest of it! Until last week I hadn’t even revisited the goals I had set at the beginning of the year. I mean, I was working towards certain ones but hadn’t taken a close look in forever. I want a clear plan for the rest of 2018. How I want my perfect day to look. What routines and habits I’d like to build. And what I want to accomplish next. Having a book come out is sort of like having a baby. Now that a few months have passed, everyone I see is all “omg so what’s next?!”


Chewy oatmeal zucchini cookies this weekend! Annnnd maybe caramelized peach and lavender scones. I also have a bag of frozen sour cherries and want to turn them into cobbler.


The same things that have been on repeat for the last two weeks or so. All the sweet corn and tomatoes here. This embarrassingly easy grilled sourdough with heirloom tomatoes? Yes please. Also! This smoky tomato and grilled peach pasta salad. It’s incredible, I swear.


On blueberry mojitos with lavender syrup! I’m all over the local blueberries right now.


Going off my summer reading list, I’m moving on to either Mrs or Ever After this week. Have you read either?!


SO. We made a broadway playlist this week. Eeeeep! Belt it out in your car, okay?


Our back-to-school lunchbox guide over at Sweet Peas Meals this week! It’s totally FREE and you can get it here.


My newest obsession: these Zephyr plates in sky and mint. I always go to Anthro for any sort of food styling props, but also for my… life dishes? Yeah. Life dishes. Anyhoo, these work for both. Now I just want 12 of each. They are so pretty! And they are matte!


On the last day of the Nordstrom sale, I bought these booties and I am looooving them. They are super flattering and cute but also can totally be worn right now. Probably more right now than in colder weather!


Over Mel Robbins’ youtube channel. I linked to her “parent yourself” video a few weeks ago in my Tuesday Things and I’ve caught a few other videos she has made. It’s the simplest advice, but the videos are super short but they definitely resonate with me. Sometimes it’s exactly what I need to hear. 

summer fridays I

Popsicles tastes so much better after taking a champagne bath. xo