summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Welcome to summer fridays! We’re nearing the finish line and I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Here’s what’s up today!


I’ve still got lots of peaches and number one on my list is this ginger peach galette with a toasted almond crust. It’s always such a hit!


I’ve spied some honeycrisps! This makes me SO ridiculously excited because they are my favorite apple. They just taste like… the best apple. You know? Anyhoo, I’m thinking maple honeycrisp margaritas have to make an appearance and of course, so does apple cider sangria. I’M READY.


I’m also sort of ready for warm breakfasts. That will last for approximately 43 seconds, but these oatmeal baked apples are going down in the next week or two. Even the leftovers are fabulous. And this oatmeal latte. I have a new version coming for you too! Oh oh oh and while you’re at it this weekend, make a big batch of this baked oatmeal because it’s basically cake. Oatmeal cake.


Okay. So in true form, I finished All Your Perfects in ONE night. Guys, last Friday night I stayed up until 3AM reading it. Colleen Hoover is such an incredible writer. She just sucks me in! This week, I actually started another YA novel which is really unlike me. But I wanted to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because I want to watch it on Netflix. Have you read it/watched it?


Two things I’ve very into right now: this utility jacket that I bought at the anniversary sale. It’s been SO rainy here (like, so so so rainy) and it’s great to throw on to run errands or just have for inside when it’s cold with the AC on. And these are some of my favorite free people tops! I live in them.


So apparently a little Sephora sale started today for VIB rouge members! I haven’t been buying that much at Sephora this year because their points system is garbage. I can buy almost everything at Nordstrom and then I get a Nordstrom note, so yes please I want money and not points. However! I can only get drunk elephant at Sephora, so I’m grabbing a few things today for the 20% off. And if you want to shop that sale, I have all of my favorites for Sephora right HERE. Weeeee!


These bronze mosaic pumpkins. I saw them in the store and wanted one on the spot! Guys. I don’t care. I’m into it. I want to decorate for Fall. I might do it next weekend. Last year I did it on Labor Day weekend but I basically gave myself a pass since I was pregnant. No, I’m not going to eat or bake pumpkin junk or anything like that. I’m still going to swim and drink rosé until mid-September, at least. But I want some cozy feels in my house!


I always love a good dinnertime playlist mix. It reminds me of Saturday nights when my parents were getting ready to go out or even just weeknight dinners at our house. I could listen to this one on repeat!

summer fridays I #summer #fridays

Definitely finishing this weekend off with a classic. xoxo