1. So how about I have the largest iCloud plan for my phone and my iCloud storage is FULL. How is it that me, who is basically technologically challenged, has used up all of the iCloud storage? There have to be so many people out there who use it up more, right? What the heck do I dooooo. No time to go through and delete my 139K photos. Yep. That’s real.

2. Dying for a huge scoop of coconut milk chocolate ice cream. Yes please.

3. Over the weekend I did a major major closet clean-out and it felt fabulous. I’m ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things, because the best thing I’ve ever heard is that if something comes back in style in a few years, it won’t be the same exact style. With that being said, I definitely got rid of puffy vests from high school. Hmmmm. Why can’t I be this ruthless about my digital closet.

4. I was great at achieving “inbox zero” before I had Max. I would have zero emails almost every single day. Then, it all went downhill and now I’m sitting at a nice almost 8K in my inbox. STRESS. See #1 and #3.

5. Speaking of, I’m totally one of those people who can’t have ANY notifications on the front of their phone. None. No thanks. It’s anxiety inducing. So even if I don’t have time to respond to the messages, I must open them in order to remove the notifications. Like a crazy person.

6. OMG what the heck happened on The Affair omg omg omg. Can you even believe that really happened?! It feels so incomplete but I guess we will find out more this week. Also, new show alert! Eddie and I watched Yellowstone this weekend and we are absolutely obsessed. So so so so good. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kevin Costner and he is perfect in the show.

7. I got sucked into such a Facebook deep dive a few nights ago. We are talking, like, back so far that I was looking up people from elementary school. Pretty much loathe FB for personal reasons but love it when I feel like looking up random people. I mean stalking.

8. Oprah on her perfect date night. God I love her.

9. This version of Tuesday things was quite tech heavy which is not representative of my life whatsoever. But this is the 370th post of Tuesday things. I’m half embarrassed and half excited.