life with emilia: 10 months in.

I can’t believe we’re here! TEN FREAKING MONTHS!!

emilia at 10 months I

Um, how? How are we here? This is insane.

While I feel like I haven’t had a ton to write the last few months, this month is different! Eh, not that I have so much to write, but this chick is on the MOVE. It feels like she grew so much in the last month!

emilia at 10 months I


All this babe wants to do is walk walk walk. She pulls herself up on everything and is so pissed when she is being held because she wants down. Max walked at ten months but Emilia is even tinier than him and just didn’t seem anywhere near ready to walk last month! It could still be awhile, but at this point, she also might be up and walking next month with the way she’s moving.

We are getting closer to that stage where she can kind of sort of (barely) “play” with Max. He absolutely loves that she is crawling up and walking along the couch and stuff. He thinks it’s so funny and is finally realizing that she’s actually going to be a KID and not just a baby!

emilia at 10 months I

She also LOVES TO EAT. I know I mentioned this before, but it’s like… insane to me how much she loves to eat. And the amount she eats. And she still nurses and has a lot of milk too! A few weeks ago I sent this text to Lacy: Emilia just ate a 1/2 cup of peas, 5 servings of blueberries, 3 servings of kale salad (that’s all over her face), some pork pulled from ribs, potatoes, corn off the cob and an entire container of Little Spoon chickpea curry.

I mean… WHAT!! It’s so funny to me.

emilia at 10 months I

This month, she also started saying MAMA which I adore and love. Just this week, she started saying BYE BYE! after Max said it to her. He is now obsessed with her saying it and it’s a fun game to see what she will say next.

Emilia is also just still the sweetest baby. I don’t know what it is! Just so happy and sweet. I feel so lucky because she is SO happy and… pleasant. I don’t want to say she’s “chill” – because she isn’t. She is SO busy all the time and super squirmy, and it’s actually really hard to go to a place that she has to be held because she will not snuggle or chill out. But she is never fussy or cranky. She’s just super sweet and happy!

emilia at 10 months I

I guess I don’t have a TON to write, maybe because it’s not my first go-round and I don’t have hours every night to ramble on and on, as much as I wish I did. But she is just the absolute best and I feel so lucky that she is mine.