My 2018 stocking stuffer gift guide is full of the best gifts all under $25! Things for entertaining, hostess gifts, kitchen gadgets, gifts for work and some all around great ideas when you need a gift under $25! I #stockingstuffer #giftguide

Welcome to gift guide week!! This is my favorite time of year and this 2018 stocking stuffer gift guide might be my favorite one ALL week. I either have or want everything on here! It’s all SO good. After hours of research for gift guides, I ended up buying so much on this list for people in our life.

All week, I’m going to be sharing my favorite things and while I’ve mentioned most of them throughout the year (and previous years) in my favorites posts, these are the gems that I think are absolutely gift worthy.

2018 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide – Gifts Under $25

The cutest pie server ever. I have more spatulas and serving tools than I can count, but until recently, I didn’t have a PIE one! This is super important so you can serve people cute slices of pie, you know?

Lily and Val Cooking with Love Calendar. This is my favorite item on this entire guide. So far, I’ve bought five of them to gift for the holidays. They are gorgeous! Better yet, you can even frame them as prints once the year is over.

100 movies Scratch off poster. When Eddie and I finally sit down to watch a movie (like, um, once every three months?) we can never decide on one. I LOVE this idea. I think it would be so cute as a kids version too!

Sugarfina candy cubes. If you like to go the treat route and put candy in a stocking, I adore the sugarfina candy cubes! I really wish we had a sugarfina near me, but I can find some of the products in Nordstrom during the holidays. I love the pink pineapples.

The drink more water bottle. Adore this idea! I try to drink certain amounts of water by certain times of the day and this is GENIUS.

Voluspa macaron candle. I got a set of these as a gift and I think they are so super cute. One of them is perfect for a stocking and the candy cane scent is amazing.

Mini strainer. I use one of these at least every day. While it’s great for sprinkle spices and powdered sugar, I use it to wash small portions of fruit for the kids or even to scoop things up out of soup while I’m cooking. Couldn’t live without this.

The pink mountain salt. I use pink Himalayan salt every single day and this jar of it is so super cute – I would totally keep it out on the counter.

Sweater stone. The year I discovered the sweater stone was life changing. Sweaters that I previously thought I had to get rid of? Brand new! This removes the pilling on sweaters so well.

Herb scissors!! Knife skills are what I lack most in the kitchen. These are fantastic, especially for basil!

a Citrus sprayer. Yes, you really can shove this right now in a lemon, lime or grapefruit. AMAZING. Great for salads and spritzing on seafood. I love it.

Pomegranate butter dish. Because who doesn’t want their butter to look super cute?

Chrysanthemum trinket dish. I have a few of these – one in my powder room, one in the gust bathroom, some in my bedroom – they are great for when you need to take off jewelry to wash your hands or keep something in a safe spot. I always find use for one!

Guacamole saver. I mean… I don’t know what it’s like to have leftover guacamole. But really, this is such a good idea.

a Kale razor!! We do tons of kale here in the form of chips and salad. Stripping the leaves from the stem with this tool is pure brilliance.

Nest holiday votive. This scent is quintessential holiday season to me. It’s one of the few holiday-themed gifts that I think is totally worth it. Smells live heaven!

a super cute luggage tag. Because it’s a perfect and subtle way to distinguish your luggage if you don’t want to get a full blown crazy floral or bright suitcase.

Clouduccinno milk frother. I have one from amazon but this one is just straight up adorable. And has such a cute little cup!

Sweetapolita sprinkles. If you’re a sprinkle freak like I am… well then these are a must! The are so colorful and fun.

Manicure set. It’s one of those things that everyone needs in a crazy moment, but that you never want to buy for yourself!

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]