tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’ve wanted to do a kitchen tree for ten years and I finally made one! I’m obsessed. I had a few foodie ornaments but ordered a bunch last year the day after Christmas when they were half off. I’ve been waiting all year to bring them out!

2. Ooooh very into this southern panzanella salad.

3. In my ever continuing Instant Pot saga.. I made mashed potatoes the day before Thanksgiving to test them out. And thought they were terrible. This appliance is just not for me.

4. TV things! Who watched Dirty John? I watched it and liked it for the most part. Also! I started House of Cards (like one of my all time favorites) and ugh, I just am not getting into it. Hoping it will pick up soon!

5. Speaking on, the five best Christmas movies to watch with kids! I also have a list of my faves riiiight here.

6. Martha Stewart in an uber. It’s everything.

7. Perhaps one thing I’m most excited about for this season is getting alllll the holiday stuff at Trader Joe’s.

8. Loving the life changing gift ideas here.