I can’t believe it’s been an entire YEAR since The Pretty Dish launched!

First off, to celebrate, I’m giving away five signed copies of the book! Leave any comment down below and I’ll choose five through the random number generator in the next week. Giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

There have been so many wonderful moments in this year of The Pretty Dish.

The book tour was so amazing. I love meeting you guys (some of you have been reading for ten years!) because it’s like we really are friends. You support with this book has meant the world to me!

And you can also see some behind the scenes posts of how the book came together.

A few fun facts about The Pretty Dish:

While I have such seasonal favorites, I’d have to say my most favorite recipe in the book is the carnitas burrito bowl.

The recipe you guys have made the most? Chocolate crinkle sprinkles! These cookies… man.

I also can’t forget the bolognese, the coconut curry chicken or the bacon blue shrimp chopped salad. All major faves that you guys love.

And the butternut squash queso and white chicken chili are also super popular. Your lasting excitement over these recipes makes me even MORE excited over them.

Speaking of, if you have the book but are not a part of our book club yet, what are you waiting for?! We have so much fun in the book club and right now, have an awesome march madness recipe challenge going on. Literally makes my day, everyday.

If you have the book, go join the book club here! (note: you def need to have the book – we don’t share actual recipes in the book club!)

What I’ve loved most about this book is seeing how you take the recipes and make them your own. That is why I love to cook so much. If I couldn’t do my own thing to recipes? I’d be over it. So I absolutely ADORE when you guys do a spin on my recipes and I love to hear about it.

Please keep on sharing your creations with me! Tag me with #howsweeteats and @howsweeteats on instagram so I can see everything you’re making and share it.

Thank you guys so much! xo