tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Guys. I’m the lone survivor in a house with the stomach virus and feel like a ticking time bomb. Ever since I became a parent, one of my biggest fears is having that sickness bug start in the middle of the night and then it takes the entire family down. We’re there! This is not what I envisioned with Eddie staying home from work.

2. But it does make me crave this no bake chocolate PB cheesecake. I need it all to myself.

3. However, if I do come out of this without getting sick, I will solely credit my apple cider vinegar habit. It’s legit. Just do it.

4. Definitely agree with the whole “the best way to eat Peeps is to throw them in the trash” belief, unless you use them as s’mores marshmallows. Obviously. It’s that time of year!

5. I was the nutjob in middle school who liked to wake up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning so I could “ease into my day.” At least that’s what my parents called it, and I was the only one awake! I’d make breakfast (an english muffin with PB and honey) and read and maybe watch TV. I love this idea of giving yourself the gift of time.

6. The best TV news this week is that Billions is back! Ahhh I thought it was SO GOOD. We spent a lot of the past two weekends trying to squeeze in the previous seasons’ marathon here and there. Love Axe, Wendy, Taylor… all of it!

7. I listened to the Dropout podcast two weeks ago and it was so good. Super intriguing. Very similar to the show on HBO last night.

8. OMG, yes yes yes: it’s way too easy to accidentally respond to instagram stories. I’ve responded by accident too! All.the.time. I also accidentally screenshot stories constantly.

9. Swear that the Peloton is changing my life, as is Ally Love, and I loved reading about her Sunday routine.