summer fridays

Today is a real life summer friday for me as we head on vacation! Sparkle water, here we come.


To my most favorite place ever right now! Eeeep! We’re going on our annual vacation to Northern Michigan and we’re all so excited. Max has been counting down the days… or, uh, let’s be real – the seconds. I can’t wait for the kids (Max, Emilia and my niece Evelyn) to have this time together all week. They have a blast together and I can already envision the cuteness.


Every year on vacation I make a huge version of the howsweeteats house salad. I’m also make this summer chickpea salad and sticking it in the fridge thanks to a few of your suggestions last week!


All the rosé, probably some fruity beer, and one of the first stops is going to get ingredients to make the orange crush. Is it wrong that I tried to pack my smeg juicer just for that reason? Ha. I’m also going to find some of my favorite canned rosé once we’re in our place!


Here’s a run down of what I made/packed for our 8 hour road trip: I used whole grain croissants from my local grocery store and made smoked turkey, havarti and honey mustard sandwiches for all of us. This is tradition! Leftover blueberries and apples from the fridge. The kids fave Stonyfield yogurt pouches, some RX bars for Eddie and I, some sabra snackers with the pretzel crisps and then… some junk for the kids so we can survive. They LOVE Fruit Loops and rarely have them, so I packed them containers of that. I packed tons of pretzel twists and also store-bought mini muffins that probably taste like cake. I also have some of those tubes of mini m&ms in case things get really dicey. Say a prayer.


Our long road trip with some of these must haves for the kids: this Melissa and Doug latches board, multiple water wow books, sticker puzzles, color wonder travel board, magnetic scenes, a boogie board, doodle board and these amazing books. You can see more of the things like this in my amazon shop! It’s full of all my favorites.


To the best boat drinks playlist. I’m obsessed.


I’m still working through Drawing Home!! I missed a few nights of reading this week. Since I didn’t end up reading The Friend Zone a few weeks ago, I grabbed that and The Unhoneymooners for my trip!


A new video over of my chocolate zucchini cupcakes with avocado fudge frosting!! Oooooh baby those things are good.


I’m embarrassed to say that I’m still checking out the Nordstrom sale daily – have you see the daily deals? I also wanted another Barefoot Dreams blanket (they make amazing gifts FYI) and my order was cancelled, so I keep checking back every day. I still think this crossbody bag in black is my favorite thing from the sale. You can find all my updated faves here.


I’m probably going to be super cliche and dress our family in matching Lilly. Emilia and Evelyn have the same little Lilly shift. My mom got the same pattern in another dress. I have this dress which I ADORE. If you can’t do it on vacation, where else can you?!


Up allll our time this week with the kids on vacation. When Max was first born my mom told me that “it’s never a vacation but at least it’s a change of scenery!” and that is so true. The kids are exhausting but I’m so obsessed with them at this stage and know we are going to have this week. I can’t even wait to see Emilia in the sand… if she will even sit still for a second. She’s a wild woman who loves to run run run!

summer fridays

Ready to enjoy all the things!