summer fridays

This week has been all about getting back into real life after our trip! Lots of summer goodness and sunshine.


On vacation, we took an accidental bread from caprese and I started making/eating/serving fresh tomatoes with goat cheese, basil and balsamic. It’s so good and I can’t stop eating it. If you can find fresh goat cheese it’s even better. 


Pinot peach sangria is on the menu this weekend. It’s so light and refreshing. Cajun peach lemonade too!


A summer version of my sheet pan gnocchi. Also thinking about this skirt steak with avocado pesto.


These veggie sliders with goat cheese spread this weekend. I love them and it’s been SO long since we had them.


This cheesy stuffed pesto garlic bread. OMG. I’m in basil overload head.


Really excited to start The Last House Guest! I know that’s the opposite of what I like to read, but I’m into it right now. What are you reading this week?


To our new summer chill playlist. ENJOY.


I mentioned this in my July favorites, but I’ve been living in this leopard print denim jacket. I LOVE it. At first I thought it was so ugly and then I fell in love with it. I love the cut and it’s just super cute. I live in denim jackets and it’s a nice switch.  


Okay I couldn’t wait until Tuesday Things to talk about new BH90210. Did you watch it?! Just the intro sent me into a nostalgia spiral. I was definitely way too young to watch the show when I did (before middle school! omg!) and my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to watch it, but I SNUCK IT ANYWAY which was major rebellion for my first born people pleaser self. I loved the original show so much even if it set up crazy expectations for what my life would look like when I was 8 or 9, haha! What did you think of the new version? It was kind of awful but amazing.


I’ve been loving Molly Sim’s youtube channel. She posts at least once a week and I always like her recommendations, plus she shares some awesome stuff for kids too! It’s the best balance of wellness, workouts, beauty, skincare and food.


A new video for my brown butter garden vegetable pasta! It’s an oldie but such a goodie. I’m going to make that this weekend too.


National s’mores day this weekend. You should probably make these chocolate chip cookie s’mores bars.


That I’m officially ready for fall. I KNOW. Sorry! I’m the worst. I will fully embrace all the rest of summer until the third week of September but that doesn’t mean I won’t be excitedly waiting to burn fall candles and wear scarves. Okay, I might decorate after Labor Day, but that’s it. Swear.

summer fridays

Eat all the summer gems this weekend! xo