summer fridays

Hello on the first summer Friday of August!


I’m keeping it light and EASY with post-vacay eats. This weekend I’m going to make my slow roasted tomato farro salad. I’ve also been craving this thai avocado salad! And this Mediterranean kale salad for lunch next week. Not purposefully trying to do all salads, but these sound delish. I’ll probably also make bruschetta chicken. Also these smoky chicken pitas! I’m also going to prep my tropical peach overnight oats from The Pretty Dish.


A batch of my lavender lemonade! This past week I had a bottle of fizzy lavender lemonade from Lavender Hill Farm and it was INCREDIBLE. Reminded me how much I love this recipe! Also, let’s be serious – I need a rosé/aperol spritz detox.


A ton of make ahead smoothie packs when we get home. Eddie makes them every weekend (his change from month to month, right now he is in a very heavy apple/orange/spinach phase) but I need a few for the kids and myself too, especially with dry ingredients. I like to package together some chia seeds, hemp hearts, ground flax and collagen powder to toss into to a smoothie so I don’t have to measure it out everyday.


A batch of our favorite whole wheat pita bread on Sunday! We love this and it’s really easy. Eddie had a great pita last week and has been craving them ever since.


To our road trip, vol 2 playlist! Made one of these last year and since we’re driving home this weekend, another one was on the list. Eddie has been listening nonstop to the DMB station on sirius and it’s safe to say that I’m OVER IT. This playlist should hold him over.


I’ve read a lot less on vacation that I have in previous years, but I’m reading The Unhoneymooners and LOVING it! It’s hard to believe that we are into August now. If you need some book suggestions, be sure to check out my summer reading list! And speaking of, has anyone read Three Women?


The final few days of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I’m being the worst and still browsing. I also want to get this amazing scout tote for the beach/pool/general kid life that my SIL has. Because it has a zipper on top! I have a scout bag that I love, but this one with the zipper is unbeatable.


Pretty rejuvenated after our trip this week and really ready to tackle the rest of the year. Eeeeep! I even brought my planner so I can work on the ride home. Can’t believe there are only 5 months left. Lots of stuff coming up with my next book and a few fun projects!

summer fridays

Only place I want to be.