tuesday things

1. One day after school last week I asked Max what his school snack was and he told me “vanilla loafers.” VANILLA LOAFERS. This is the best thing I’ve ever heard. Who needs a vanilla wafer when you can have a vanilla loafer?

2. This pumpkin panna cotta looks absolutely insane and delicious. Need it.

3. I have a burning question for you: would/do you take a bath in a hotel? I could NEVER, but I’m also not a huge bath person. And I just feel like no matter what, it would never be clean? My inquiring mind needs to know.

4. This past weekend I tried to drag over 11,000 photos from a folder on my computer into the trash… and they went on to my desktop. Still dealing with it. Ready to toss the computer out the window.

5. It’s never too late – 25 women on starting over in their career!

6. Tell me about this whole “being boo-ed” thing. I didn’t realize it was such a big thing, like Target even has stuff to “boo” people?! Have you done this? I wish it was around when I was a kid!

7. TV things! Okay, so The Affair. I know I’m hanging on because I can’t let these characters go, but in a few weeks I’ll look back and be like why did that season even exist? I can’t figure out where they are going with this season. I loved a Million Little Things (and love katherine!!) and Grey’s was good too – OMG Bailey!

8. Didn’t even realize this was a thing – the Neiman Marcus fantasy gifts are out. What?! Is that real life?

9. I’ve watched the Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk before (incredible), but last week she did an episode of Armchair Expert and it was so good. And so interesting, especially if you were growing up during that time. It’s a must listen.

10. My Tuesday photos have basically turned into pumpkin spam. Sorry! but not.