tuesday things

1. Oh my. This geometric rainbow layer cake. I am DYING.

2. I find myself wishing we could go back in time, even to this time last year! Nothing was particularly special (aside from, um, life!) but it wasn’t like today, so I crave it. So crazy. That we wish for the mundane things that were not mundane.

3. Love reading other people’s work from home routines.

4. Max has been obsessed with playing jenga and while it’s super fun, do you remember just how LOUD the crash of the blocks onto a table is?! Oh my gosh, I jump out of my skin five times a night.

5. TV things!! I am LOVING Little Fires Everywhere. Oh my gosh, it is so good. Also, Eddie and I started watching The Last Dance on ESPN and it is SO good. And I don’t really care about basketball at all.

6. Here’s the quarantine work from home playlist that you need.

7. Max and Eddie’s hair is so long right now. My hair is pretty low maintenance so I’m not concerned about any cut/color in quarantine and I know my mom can’t believe how long hers is. I am, however, mourning my lash extensions. And I’m afraid I won’t even get them again anytime soon because having someone that close to my face seems extremely unsanitary!

8. Speaking of, I shared my sephora sale picks right here!

9. The answer to all of your social distancing loophole questions is NO. Rachel strikes again, this article is SO good. It really spoke to me. I can’t tell you how many times I think “maybe we should just start going over and hanging out with my mom.” But NOPE.

10. Let’s say if I was to start an actual book club… would you be into it? It’s happening!