what i read in april 2020

This was an odd reading month for me! Quarantine makes things weird and it’s hard to concentrate. I read a book that took me forever to get through (and probably should have just quit it) and then liked two books so much that I had a hard time finding something to read after. I’m reading two books at once right now which is usually a huge NO for me, but I’m rolling with it!

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You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

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What I Read in April 2020

Matchmaking for Beginners  – 3.5 stars

I didn’t know what to read after finishing Oona last month, so I went with this on the recommendation of many of you! I really liked it. It is a cute story of a girl who meets her fiancé’s aunt that is a matchmaker… and she realizes they have a lot in common. It was a little slow for me in spots and I felt like the ending came somewhat abruptly. And I reeeeallly didn’t like the fiancé and what happened in the house with that situation. But overall, I did like the story a lot!

Love and Other Words – 4 stars

I really loved this one. Someone recommenced this to me on an instagram live and I am so glad I read it. I love a good blast-from-the-past romance trope! The story alternates between past and present. It follows a girl who loses her mother (not a spoiler, this is on the jacket summary!) and how she meets her best friend turned first love. It’s a story of reconnection and I just loved it!

All I Ask – 3 stars

I liked this book. Shocker – it’s another romance troupe where old (almost) loves reconnect. Clearly I have a thing for these. The story follows both characters who were high school friends, in other relationships and ended up having daughters around the same time. I didn’t love how the parent/child drama played out in this, especially with some of the bullying. But I did find it to be an easy read and in general, liked it.

You Deserve Each Other – 2.5 stars

I was so sure I would love this book. The story follows a couple who is engaged to be married but they actually sort of… hate each other? It’s odd. The writing is so funny and sarcastic, but it was almost a little too over the top and hard for me to follow. The characters were just SO UNLIKEABLE that I could barely get through it! I almost put this book down multiple times. The last quarter of the book redeemed itself slightly, hence the 2.5 stars, but I just didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would.

The Happy Ever After Playlist – 5 stars

LOVED LOVED LOVED. I loved this book so much. The story follows a girl (actually a character from the Friend Zone, the author’s novel from last summer, but you don’t have to have read that one) who is trying to get over the death of her fiancé. One day, she rescues a dog from the middle of the street and starts texting and calling the dog’s owner and the story goes from there. It is so cute. I actually haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I finished! Loved it so much. I’ve had a hard time finding something else to read that sucks me in since.

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