tuesday things

1. Oh yes. When the small things are everything.

2. Last week I put on lipstick and Emilia looked at my face and goes “but mama what’s that?!”, “mama what IS that?!” – so yeah, quarantine is going great and apparently I look like a slob every day!

3. 12 morning hacks for a calmer day. I love all of these. And I’m seriously considering buying an old school coffee pot. Man 2020 is insane.

4. Eddie told me this weekend that he is so over mexican food. WHAT. This does not compute. I can never imagine being in that situation.

5. Considering the above, I have to figure out a way to make tacos tonight for dinner that Eddie will eat!

6. I’ve totally been sucked into a few of these before: the best wikipedia articles that will send you down a rabbit hole!

7. TV things!! We are still loving the Last Dance so much! Feels like a good two hours of nostalgia, you know? I watched Run, it’s good but kinda all over the place for me. I tried to watch Outerbanks and I just can’t get into it, even though Charles Esten (who I LOVE!) is in it. Up next: Unorthodox!

8. Please tell me you’re seen all the articles on the murder hornets? The thought alone is basically ruining my life because we have a wasp problem in our house every year and I absolutely loathe bugs. I cannot handle it. How is this real life.

9. All I need is Nancy Meyers’ kitchen.

10. Thank you for coming to #458 of my rambles… now have you joined our book club yet?!