Um hi! We’re finally starting a book club!

jessica's book clubAnd I couldn’t be more excited! It’s finally happening. A real, legit virtual book club.

An actual book club has been something you guys have requested probably since… 2010. Ever since I first started talking about my love of books, reading and writing here on the blog. I almost started one back then, but I didn’t know how we would manage it on the website. Now, with all of the social media options, everything is so much easier.

I originally planned on launching this at the end of May, when I do my annual summer reading list. But now just felt like the right time. We’re all at home. I’m reading more than usual to escape. I’m craving community and connection more than ever! I love talking with you guys about books and now we finally have a dedicated space for it.

First steps!

Go join the instagram book club right here. There is also a facebook book club page, as well as a secret group.

jessica's book club

Our book for May is going to be The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez!

I absolutely LOVED this book (so much so that I tried to refrain from singing its praises too much in yesterday’s post!). It was such a good read right now in this tough time – it’s quick and light but still has substance, the characters are well developed and the story is wonderful. I’m super excited about it!

We will discuss the book on instagram and facebook at the end of the month – stay tuned for updates! And be sure to join the facebook group so we can discuss all the books we’re reading each month!

jessica's book club

I could not be more excited!