Here’s what we did in the last full week of June!

I found some peonies. Probably the last of them. Whomp whomp.

It’s an umbrella tent!

With these two little babes inside.

I cannot take him.

This is a sink after a day full of recipe testing. Waiting for the dishwasher.

House salad for life. Our dinners are boring but delicious.

My sourdough starter is doing so well! Can’t say the same for when I try to bake bread. Ha.

Cookies at grandmas.

I mean is she real life?!

She is, in the best way possible.

Max wanted to wear my sunglasses.

And insisted Emilia sit on his lap at our weekly visit to the farm!

He also started playing baseball!

We made fresh orange juice. This juicer is still one of the best appliances I own. We use it so much and it’s great because the kids can easily do it too.

Max wanted to take a pic of the sunset. Also, that’s my dead sunflower. Help!

Isn’t my mom’s window box so pretty?

The amount of chalk we go through is crazy. These kids love it so much!

Emilia painted at grandma’s house.

And loved it.

We got morcilla to go! Strawberry aperol for a friday night cocktail.

And a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. OMG. I don’t even care for cinnamon rolls and these…. wow. From the same bakery where I get sourdough.

Little love muffins.

Sometimes Emilia finds my phone and I end up with 121 photos that look like this.

I make the best grilled vegetables EVER.

Hockey started back up too. A very socially distant hockey, that is.

Pretty sure these are the last of the strawberry crop too. Why must peonies and strawberries only last for, like, 5 minutes.

Grilled shishitos with lemon and flaked salt.

And grilled sourdough! I also made Eddie steak, then smashed potatoes, another house salad (of course) and balsamic + tomatoes for dinner. Yummmm.