Best time of the month!

june beauty favorites

I have a short and sweet beauty favorites this month! Quarantine has left me not wearing much makeup… and you can find me in suncreen and skin care these days. That’s about it. However, my beauty favorites were pretty extensive last month and I’m still using all of those items. Really love ’em all!

SO – What is your beauty routine like right now?

I’ve probably put on makeup less than ten times in the last four months. That is crazy for me, considering how much I love it. But it feels good and of course my skin care game is strong. Sharing below a few things that I’m really loving at the moment.

June Beauty Faves

KNC beauty eye masks. I love an eye mask and these ones are too cute. I usually put them on in the morning before skincare or if I’m getting a bath at night. These definitely lift the area and make my under eyes so smooth. Plus, they have retinol in them! My retinol use is pretty minimal but I had no reaction to these aside from a little tingle and absolutely loved them.

Megababe Bust Dust (and Body Dust!). Megababe products are incredible (their hand sanitizer is everything) and I love their powders – but let me tell you why. I discovered this hack from TIBAL. If you self tan, use the body dust to dust all over and get rid of that self tan sticky feeling. You know which one I’m talking about right? I especially do this in the creases of my elbows and knees where the self tan might get messed up quickly. It’s awesome! Oh and the bust dust powder is so good because it’s a pump. Which is amazing. You can pump it right on a big puff and then dust it over your self tan!

Sol de Janiero Body Scrub. I just about screamed when I saw this on sephora’s website. You guys know that everything Bum Bum Cream has been a go-to summer product for me. The smell now reminds me of summer and I tend to use the products from April through September to really capitalize on that signature summer shower smell. I was so excited to find a scrub, but let’s be real, some scrubs aren’t worth it. This one TOTALLY is. It’s like soft but coarse brown sugar and the texture is incredible.

Sunday Forever Coconuts. I discovered this scent in Nantucket last year when we went for my mom’s birthday – and miss that trip so much that I started putting this on for nostalgic feels. Not to mention, it’s the perfect summer scent! It almost reminds me a little bit of my beloved Soleil Blanc which is my go-to summer perfume. This one is lighter and more coconutty, but definitely has a similar profile. I love it and usually keep this in my purse.

Glow Recipe Lip Pop. I’ve mentioned this now a few times in 2020 but it’s the best lip gloss. It’s like cherry-popsicle-stained-lips but better because it doesn’t stain your mouth and teeth. Plus, it smells like watermelon. I think I’m on my third or fourth one of these. It makes you feel alive in days of no makeup!

june beauty favorites

What are you loving this month? Anything new and exciting?!

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