Officially half way through the year!

Wow. That is crazy.

This week was SO HOT! In the 90s, but also a little breezy and beautiful.

My little BFF.

They both adore these shark goggles. I can’t find the exact ones but they are this brand.

Grilled chicken, zucchini and mushrooms that we ate with some whole wheat penne!

This stuff is addictive. Found at Target.

Max likes to get fully dressed after his bath at night instead of putting on pajamas. His outfits kill me!

He loves picking out what to wear and this neon number might just be my favorite!!

The kids are also obsessed with watering my plants. I don’t mind one bit.

Might be my fave pic of him ever!

I made my brown butter cookie bars with peanut butter m&ms for the 4th. OMG.

Red white and blue!

I love their hair!

Some snacks for the 4th! Just our parents and my brother came over.

Smoky chicken nachos which I made on the fly.

More grilled shishitos with lemon and flaked salt.

Cliche but delish dinner.

These deserve all the heart eyes.

Just hanging out.

And see? Doing everything in our shark goggles.

Before the fireworks!

I can’t even BELIEVE how many fireworks went off both Friday and Saturday night. A few of our neighbors set off incredible fireworks!

I mean these were insane.

Veggies ready for the grill for dinner.

More pops!

Grilled fingerling potatoes with garlic and herbs.

And a return of my favorite green bean salad!

Hope you had a great week!