july favorites

A list of all the things I loved in July! xo


Jose Cuervo Sparkling Rosé Margaritas. Okay I have the funniest, snackiest, (trashiest?) favorite snacks for you this month but I can’t help it. First, this canned rosé margarita. I can’t believe how good it is. I am a margarita snob (fave recipe right here) and have never loved a canned version. I don’t even like ones made from most restaurants if they use sours mix. Well, this is everything. They are absolutely incredible! Pour over ice and you’re in heaven. (Side note: I did try the original and strawberry flavors and did not like those.)

Angie’s Rosé Popcorn. This is another favorite find of the whole summer. First, it’s pink. Second, it tastes so good. It’s addictive. It’s salty but sweet and definitely tastes like rosé but in a really good way. I promise.

Trader Joe’s Patio Chips. If you have not tried these patio chips yet, RUN and get them before they are gone. I am not even a chip person. These are incredible – they have a sweet, smoky and savory flavor – a mix of BBQ and dill pickle and everything delicious.

Waterloo Coconut Sparkling Water. Another drink for you, but this time a sparkling water. Wow oh wow – this coconut flavor is fantastic. Super summery. It’s great on its own or as a mixer!


Freedom Moses Neon Slides. I still can’t believe I bought these because I am very anti-birkenstock, but I adore them. Like ADORE. They are so fun, really comfortable, really light – I actually love them for either a pool day or watering my plants. Only warning – they really don’t have any support at all.

Maui Jim Olu Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses. Remember my love affair for YEARS with the Costa South Point sunglasses? They were just about my favorite thing ever and they finally broke this year. I loved them so much because they are polarized. I have sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses year round, but especially in the pool or when working out outside – I NEED polarized glasses. The only thing I didn’t love about the Costa’s was the nosepiece – it would always get stuck in my hair. These sunglasses don’t have wire rims so they are perfect. I love them.

Warrior Longline Sports Bra. I was in desperate need of a new sports bra (or 2) and decided to try this one out based on the great reviews. I LOVE IT! It’s so good. Soft but sturdy and supportive. Since I basically live in one… will we ever wear real clothes again?!


Yellowstone. It might be my favorite show all year. We’ve watched since the beginning and this season is great. Kevin Costner is everything.

Hamilton on Disney+. Who else absolutely loved it? I’ve know every word to the sound track for years and just was so sad that I’d never get to see the original cast. I have seen Leslie Odom Jr in concert and he did a few songs, but seeing the ensemble was incredible.

Party of Two. This was our July book club pic and it was SO good. I loved it.


Good Cook Meat Chopper. Okay you guys have told me FOREVER to get this (especially on instagram during my stories when I’m breaking meat apart with a spoon) – but I finally listened and oh my word. This is life changing. If you don’t have one, get it!

Ello Beacon Tumbler. I got the ello glass tumbler earlier this year for iced coffee and I’ve been using this one with sparkling water and ice! I love the size and colors. While I still use my Yeti rambler all day every day, I use these other glasses for different drinks.

Porter Wine Glass. Yes, another cup! But my favorite brand (I love the storage containers!) put out these little wine glasses and I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love it. Perfect for the patio!


Aquabeads. These are our newest obsession! Max can do these on his own but Emilia loves to help and do them too. Even I love to do it – it’s almost relaxing and mind numbing. It reminds me of the beads we used to iron in the 90s?!

Rocket jump launcher. This has been a huge outdoor hit. It’s so basic but really, really fun – and for both ages.

Jumbo coloring pad. We have used these since Max was probably one year old – we love them for painting! My mom keeps one at her house too and the kids love to pic a scene and paint it with her.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]