tuesday things

1. I’m at the point where if I don’t use emojis in my text messages, it looks like I’m mad. We’ve gone way past the line of exclamation points.

2. Ohhh my gosh. Birthday cake cookie dough ice cream. Whaaaat.

3. Not ready for fall at all over here. I’m seeing so many “end-of-summer” recipes but there are literally almost two months of summer left! And I’m the biggest fall freak ever.

4. How to start writing everyday. (NYT article.) So good!

5. TV things!! Still on our Yellowstone kick. I also want to watch Indian Matchmaking on Netflix! Have you watched it yet?

6. Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Folklore? I love a ton of the songs. My only wish is that it had a few more upbeat songs. Especially during this time.

7. Later this week we are leaving for our vacation (can’t believe it’s still happening, but it’s naturally very distanced!), and it got me thinking. When you were a kid, did you ever “make plans” for vacation? My brother and I would take for hours about all of our “plans” and even write them down. These were basically just things we had done in the past. But it was so fun. I mean, I was like, nine years old.

8. Speaking of, the things that kids want to take on vacation are hilarious. Max has wanted to pack for weeks now, and he’s told us all about his favorite paints and crayons and games and superhero shirts and cars and everything he is bringing. This is the best age.

9. Follow this design formula to make your home a space you love.