And we’re home!

But first, a little recap of the rest of our vacation week.

These two had the best time ever.

Especially with their cousins!!

The first half of our boat day ended up being pretty cold and miserable.

Pretty sure it was 58 degrees!

We still had fun though.

We drove the boat to Charlevoix and got taco takeout.

Eddie ordered these flaming hot smashed potatoes! They were crispy smashed potatoes with queso and crushed flaming hot cheetos. They were okay – pretty sure I could make them better!

Luckily the day cleared up!

Plus this sunset, oh my gosh.

We started every morning with a big walk. I love when the lake is like glass.

I made these pulled pork nachos for everyone one day. We cooked some but we were also able to get takeout from a bunch of our favorite places. Their curbside contactless pickup was incredible – much better than here at home!

The rest of the week was just gorgeous!

Pretty sure we spent more time of the beach this year than we have in years. Like, maybe since I was a kid. We had the beach to ourselves almost the entire time.

After our beach days, we’d do a quick bath then dinner with early kid cousin dinner.

And often ice cream.

I mean… where did she learn this? HA.

Another day we made burgers…

And watched this! Like fire in the sky.

This is how cold it was in the morning. Sweaters were necessary.

Boyne city bakery treats! They are the best.

Isn’t it crazy how much Emilia and my niece Evelyn look like twins here?! They are less than 4 months apart. This is the first time we’ve really seen it!

Best sandwiches ever from Lake Street Market. This is a BLAT.

Another perfect beach day! They kids could hang for hours on end. It was wonderful.

This is my niece Violet. I want to eat her up!

Evelyn too. The kids just had so much fun together!

Cotton candy skies get me every time.

The nightly question was… ice cream or s’mores?


I took this on our last night. I have never been so sad to leave! And I’ve gone every summer my entire life… this was definitely the hardest.

When we got home, I had an ALDI and Costco order delivered. We got the chicken street taco kit and it was incredible.

The rest of the weekend was spent in vacation recovery mode. Saturday night we made corn and tomatoes and pesto and chicken.

My herbs are just over the top.

Then our usual grilled veggies today!

And some BBQ chicken! Don’t mind my messy grill.

The tomatoes are JUST SO PERFECT right now. Local cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I want a bowl every night.