This summer week!

It’s been a good one. Here are a few snapshots!

Avocado for toast.

Painting at grandmas.

Quick little turkey meat sauce with fresh basil.

Because I have a ton of it!

Got these at the nordstrom sale and I’m obsessed. The perfect house shoe!

These photos make me so happy. It’s like quintessential summer.

I’m torn between wanting time to move fast so we can get out of this situation, to not wanting summer to end, to just wanting to relish these days with them.

I mean!!

Okay, we’re good.

First french braids!! She is SO EXCITED. Sometimes I french braid my hair after I get out of the shower and she always asks if I “have my braids on.”

BFFs. Why is Max so old?! Like he is a KID now.

They seriously are the best of friends right now and when they are away from each for a little bit, they get so excited to see each other.

We tried the chicken sandwich from Morcilla!

And had the tomato peach salad.

Along with their gem salad which is just my absolute favorite.


Here’s a quick meal I threw together for Eddie and myself. Grilled a bunch of veggies, mixed with brown rice, lots of toasted sesame oil and soy, a little feta.

Oh and an egg on top.

The best classic breakfast. Right?!

Our boring sunday grilled veggies! Are you sick of seeing these yet? We aren’t.

Boots are back.

This the salmon from ALDI that comes on a cedar plank. It was really good!

This looks weird but it’s a batch of toasted oat muesli I made to have for the week in overnight oats. There are figs in there too.

My little hockey player!

Hope you had a wonderful week! xo