summer fridays

Definitely would love a giant croissant and iced coffee this morning!


A big old hummus platter for the weekend! This is our favorite kind of Saturday lunch. And maaaybe this heirloom tomato and burrata grilled cheese? I mean… can’t stop with the tomatoes.


A pitcher of pinot grigio sangria. So refreshing.


My one pot peach basil chicken. Everyone flips over this, it’s delicious! Also thinking of making my zucchini pie. It’s super good. Sort of like a frittata, but better.


A batch of my garlic butter naan. I mean, it’s not REALLY baking, but you know.


These grilled peaches with honey lavender whipped ricotta. Incredible.


To one of my favorite playlists of all time: My Summer Kitchen! It’s a dreamy one.


Our August book club pick, The School of Essential Ingredients!


This IGTV clip from Tabitha Brown on tradition. I LOVED this.


This interview with Jennifer Garner on quarantine times.


Please tell me you follow Matt Buechele on instagram. He is hilarious. This had me rolling. So did this!


Does body cream count as wearing? I am officially obsessed with this beauty butter. If you have dry skin – or heck, just regular skin! – you will LOVE it.


Did you grab anything at the Nordstrom sale? There are so many classic basics in my favorites that I already have from years past, but I did get a few new things. Once it all gets here, I’ll go in and update the post with what I love and don’t love.


There’s a new video up for my melted zucchini baked ziti. This is such a fun twist on a classic pasta dish to share. You gotta try it!

summer fridays