See ya later February!

We had a slight warm up this week! Like in the 40s, then the 50s and even the 60s. And some SUN!!! Felt amazing, even if it’s false spring.

This is like the extent of the meals I snapped this week. Ha. I never thought it would happen but we are a family who now goes through a loaf of bread quickly. We are obsessed with Dave’s Killer Bread and I think I need to buy 2 loaves a week at this point.

Also! You know how I’m totally off coffee because… pregnancy? I just have zero taste for it. Well, I got a madagascar vanilla cold brew from Panera and it was pretty amazing.

Look at that sun!

Pit stop at grandma’s for some ice cream.

This picture made me laugh out loud because that’s just how she was coloring. I mean… what? How is that comfortable?

Emilia was very into makeup again.

She just kills me.

Ummm one night I made blueberry pancakes for dinner! They are the kids’ (and Eddie’s?) favorite.

Also made the stewed chicken with sour cream & chive dumplings from Julia’s new cookbook. PHENOMENAL.

Watching the rain…

Max had a hockey tournament in youngstown this weekend.

And Emilia and I went to our first game! We haven’t gone at all because of covid, but this was a huge venue and Eddie determined the day before that it was pretty safe. It was so fun. I wish I could post the video of her screaming GO MAX!!! Which she yelled the entire time even when he wasn’t on the ice. Ha.

Can’t take him.

It was a good week!