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What I Read In February 2021.

what i read in february 2021

It was a light but great reading month over here! I can’t believe February is already over. I only made it through four books, but I am also still listening to A Promised Land on audible and it’s taking up some of my reading time! Hopefully I’ll have it finished by next month.

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The Kindest Lie – 5 stars

I LOVED this book! The story follows Ruth who gave up a child years ago as a teen and all the details that unfold from this (her husband didn’t know, she obviously struggles with “what if”) and opens on election night of 2008, which I also loved. I was unsure if I would like this because as I’ve mentioned before, since having kids I have turned into the biggest baby, and have a hard time reading or watching anything sad/emotional/devastating/etc when it comes to children. Now don’t get me wrong, parts of this story were absolutely heart wrenching. But I really liked Ruth’s character. I loved Midnight. The detail in this book is incredible and so much of it is just so real. I had a book hangover after this one. Highly recommend!!

Until Then – 3.5 stars

Last year I read my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. I was excited when this popped up in my kindle recommendations! It’s book #2 in the Cape Harbor series but you don’t need to read the first. The story follows Rennie who returns to her favorite place and comes in contact with an old flame. This is one of my favorite tropes, of course. The characters definitely had chemistry and I really liked the book. I loved the ending as usual! It was a light and quick read but heartfelt too. Something I tend to reach for in summer but felt really nice to read in winter!

Honey Girl – 4 stars

This one was so good too! The story follows Grace who just completed her PhD but loses out on an opportunity because of her race and orientation. She takes a trip with friends which results in a wild night and she wakes up married to someone she doesn’t know. I loved this story because Grace thinks she has what she wants in life with her career, and what she has worked towards. It all looks good on paper and seems to be what she “should” do – and fits the expectations people have of her. As a total people pleaser, I found this to be SO SO SO relatable, and I think many other people in this millennial generation would agree. Also really loved the ending of this one. And the whole book made me miss traveling and NYC even more.

The Dating Plan – 4 stars

Okay I have really been trying to get to my Book of the Month picks, can you tell? Haha. I wanted to read them so I can pass them on to some family/friends. This book doesn’t come out for another week or so but I got it in my February box. The story follows Daisy who ends up faking a relationship with a guy who was her childhood crush. As you can imagine, it’s not so fake as time goes on. Reminded me a little of The Ex Talk from last month. This is another trope I find myself liking and thought this book was so cute! Super fast read, light and fun.

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  1. Girrrrllll! You and me both when it comes to getting to the BOTM book!. I chose the same title for my February pick (because the cover is gorgeous in purple!) but still haven’t gotten to it. And I just ordered 2 books for my box in March *face palm*