tuesday things

1. OMG I need this funfetti coffee cake. Like now.

2. What are you looking forward to most once this is all over?! For me, it’s just simple family gatherings without having any kind of worry as well as our little family doing some fun traveling again, even if it’s just road trips!

3. How to reduce stress and replenish yourself.

4. TV things!! This past week I watched I Care A Lot. It was pretty good and Rosamund Pike is just SO good. I also watched This Is Us and really loved it. Also, I saw that HBO has a Beartown series! I love the book so much. However I think the entire series is all subtitles, and I usually only have TV on while I’m editing photos or something slightly mindless, but still work. So I haven’t had a chance to watch.

5. I’m half-tempted to do another huge closet cleanout, but there are so many things I haven’t worn in over a year (obvi) and I wonder… will I regret it? I’m all about putting things in a bag and placing them in your closet or somewhere you don’t see, then donating 6 months later if you haven’t even thought of them. That system works so well for me! I’m hesitant now though!

6. See also: will I ever where heels again! I think I asked this six months ago. I miss regular shoes.

7. 5 everyday organization hacks.

8. Every night before bed Emilia asks for “one more snuggle” or “all the snuggles.” I can’t handle it. We all need all the snuggles.