It was such a good one!

These two!!

Our week was so nice. Aside from a random snow storm!

We dyed eggs, one of our favorite things!

This is Emilia’s new pose and I have no idea where it came from. Kills me.

Pro tip: leave your eggs in the dye for at least an hour and they will be this bold.

Speaking of loving bright colors!

She still loves to do makeup too.

Made my easter snack mix.

Did some crafts!

My current obsession? English muffins with the american spoon almond butter.

We visited baby Cooper!!

Had smoothie bowls.

Got color-changing raincoats and wore them in the snow.

Had a cousin easter egg hunt!

Cutest cookies ever.

Eddie has set up this egg hunt for Max since he was 2. It’s always so fun.

Just the sweetest!

All the goods.

This morning the kids were so excited!

These dino eggs were a big hit.

This easter was nicer than last. All of our family members are fully vaccinated now so we got to see each other.

How do they even exist?! I can’t handle them. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!