It was another beautiful week here!

Max had half the week off from school for easter/spring break and it was just gorgeous out. The kids had so much fun together that it has me super excited for summer.

I want her exact sunglasses in my size.

Max was verrrry excited about this lifesize yoshi chalk drawing!

I grilled dinner so many nights this week. Whyyyyy is asparagus on the grill just so darn good?

Everything is blooming like crazy.

Bubble fun! The easter bunny brought some of these huge bubble wands.

Emilia and I ran to the greenhouse because I wanted to get ice plant before it sells out. It sells out by May, every year like clockwork. Now I just have to keep it alive for another month until I can plant it.

I’ve never been to a greenhouse this early in the year – it was crazy how un-bloomed everything was!

Cutest little deck hockey bubba.

Emilia is obsessed with watching him and screaming his name. It kills me,

How much more neon can we get?!

I love this picture I captured.

I love this one even more! If you grew up with a love of reading, is there any better sight than this?!

I had a great reading weekend too!

Best little helper. This is the ice plant! Kind of looks like a succulent but isn’t. Gets really cute hot pink flowers in the summer.

This is the real athlete of the family?

Finally made my grilled vegetable orzo for dinner.


How was your weekend?! I hope you have a great week!