It was another lovely week!

My heart!!!

I love this. She played with her tractors outside one day while…

Max sat and read his book. They are my favorite humans ever.

Basically one of the only things I made for dinner this week!

Still very into doing makeup together.

The prettiest blooms!

I went to my favorite local bookshop to sign the cookbooks you ordered!! Thank youuuu!

I did a few hundred and am going back to sign the rest one more time this week. So if you’d like a signed copy for launch day or in time for Mother’s Day, there are still a few days until I sign! Go and order one here!

Had to stop at Mediterra for some coffee and treats for the weeekend.


Max had a hockey game!

And then… we actually WENT to a Pens game!

I can’t express how incredible this was. Capacity is only at 15%, so it seriously feels like you’re at a private event. I not-so-secretly wish it was always like this?!

Hugs for the bump.

I can’t get over what a good time we had and how safe this felt! Everything is self check in or self check out. You really have zero contact with anyone except for who you’re sitting with and the ushers are very vigilant about masks.

Today we spent a ton of time doing some book stuff – the launch is SO CLOSE! Onto another week…